Test Discovery by Opkey

Opkey has come up with the world’s first Test Mining Platform named Opkey Test Discovery.

Now there is a way to mine your ERP Logs and autonomously create hundreds of automated ERP tests in minutes –

  • That’s customized to your organization,
  • Provide optimal test coverage,
  • Can execute these tests across multiple browsers and mobiles in the cloud to give you instant feedback.

Equipped with Opkey’s T-Myne Technology, Opkey’s Test Discovery helps organizations to test smart based on Industry-specific baseline tests.

Test Discovery will perform an in-depth real-time analysis of the processes, providing a multi-variant representation of the flow of the actual business processes.

The adequate Test Mining Solution will help identify the right processes to test and visualize full life cycle of business processes.

Opkey’s T-Myne technology leverage real-time data and helps customers visualize them with all the deviations-  

o Provides a clear picture of your as-is business processes from start to finish

o Unearth delays, missteps, and redundancies to boost efficiency and skip rework

o Multi-variant representation of the flow of your actual business processes

And ultimately uncover the full potential of your processes over a glance.

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