Test Automation for Telecom

The world demands high-quality, uninterrupted telecommunication services - downtime is not an option. However, your complex ecosystem of applications can make at-speed testing a challenge. You need a change.

Opkey’s No-Code test automation platform allows any employee can automate their application testing with the click of a button.

You’re in good company
Manual testing is an increasingly outdated protocol that cannot keep pace with complex infrastructure in the telecom and data communications industries. Manual testing acts as a bottleneck and fails to safeguard telecom from service outages and security breaches.

Test automation tackles these challenges and enhances agility, efficiency, and test coverage. It reduces the test cycle duration while enhancing the quality of a business's digital ecosystem, reducing risk of downtime and time to market.

Boingo Wireless Reduces Oracle Cloud Update Certification with Opkey’s Help

Boingo Wireless is the largest WiFi provider in US airports, with 1,000+ employees. Boingo faced many issues performing regression testing and ensuring business continuity in their Oracle Cloud ecosystem. Business and technical teams had to spend a full two weeks testing hundred of business processes in each quarterly update.

Opkey helped Bingo to achieve Quarterly Update Certifications in just three days, rather than two and a half weeks. Boingo achieved an 80% ROI in just 4 months with Opkey.

Read the case study here.
You've never seen test automation like this before.
15x faster application updates
$1.2 million in annual testing cost savings
92% reduction in Oracle Cloud downtime risk
KPMG and Opkey Enter in Strategic Alliance to Offer Best-In-Class Automated Testing Solutions
“KPMG is looking forward to continued success in partnering with Opkey to incorporate best-in-class test automation into our extensive offerings. This strategic alliance provides an exciting opportunity to accelerate innovation together for our clients.”
Ryan Burns
Ryan Burns
Principal at KPMG
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How do we do it?

Opkey is built out specifically for telecom industry needs.

No-Code Automation
Easy to learn and use by business users, developers, manual testers, ops, and product teams.
Take advantage of an AI-powered self-configuring engine. Pre-built accelerators save you time on scripting.
End-to-End Coverage
Supports popular protocols like VoIP, Signaling, Wireless technologies, and Network & Security.
Load Testing Automation
Verify the accuracy of capacity plans and SLAs in a live environment.
Intelligent Regressions
AI-powered comparison across metrics, devices and sessions. Custom annotations and metadata tagging.
Key technical features
Test discovery
Opkey's automation testing tool mines your process logs to instantly discover the tests you've been running and identifies gaps in coverage.
One-click test creation
Immediately increase your test coverage with one click (no software developer required).
Includes over 30,000 pre-built test cases.
No-Code test builder
Our drag-and-drop interface empowers any employee to build complex tests without code.
Testdiscovery Impactanalysis Collaborateand report One-click testcreation Self-healingscripts No-Code test builder
Impact analysis
Get proactive alerts on what tests will be impacted before changes are pushed into production.
Self-healing scripts
Opkey's self-healing technology ensures that when your apps change, your tests won't break.
Collaborate & report
Communicate with colleagues about broken tests directly on Opkey's platform. Automatically generate reports, saving major time.
“The level of coverage and speed you can automate is far beyond anything we have seen before. Opkey helped us dramatically reduce risk, speed up testing cycles, all at a lower program cost. "
Shahid Hussain
Director of Product & Application Services,
Northwell Health
“Manual testing was a major bottleneck for us. We were even seeing potential risks to the security of our payroll and financial processes, directly due to testing delays. Opkey lifted that burden completely, and my team was able to onboard with them easily. "
Telecom Industry CTO, Client Testimonial
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