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Certify your upgrades with 80% less manual effort.
Instantly generate the test cases you need and turn them into automated test scripts with one click.
You’ve never seen test automation like this.

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Problems Opkey Solves for Oracle EBS Customers
Creating end-to-end tests
With support for over 12 packaged apps and 150 technologies, Opkey empowers customers to create complex, end-to-end tests without the need for additional testing tools.
Slow test creation time
Opkey comes with 2,000+ pre-built, automated Oracle EBS tests. These can be applied to your environment out-of-the-box, instantly increasing test coverage.

For remaining gaps in coverage, Opkey's
No-Code, drag-and-drop test builder & test recorder enables any non-technical employee to create automated tests in minutes.
Slow test execution time
Opkey's Virtual Machines execute tests 8X faster than humans. High-speed test creation & execution capabilities empower Opkey customers to certify upgrades in a fraction of the time.
Cumbersome test maintenance
Opkey provides an Impact Analysis report with each scheduled upgrade that informs you which business processes and tests are impacted.

Opkey allows customers to quickly fix broken tests with self-healing script technology, reducing test maintenance efforts by 80%.
Complex Performance testing
Opkey supports EBS performance testing and captures results within minutes across different browsers.

Customers can quickly assess and analyze the performance of their EBS applications, saving valuable time & effort.
Opkey Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Oracle
“I’ve seen that the folks that partner with Opkey are exponentially happier from a customer satisfaction perspective. The goal of this partnership with Opkey is to support even more happy Oracle customers.”
Mike Pfeffer
Senior Director, Oracle
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Opkey is built specifically for Oracle EBS

Reduce your migration timeline by an average of 30%
Opkey de-risks your EBS to OCI migration projects through continuous, end-to-end EBS testing.

80% of Oracle migration projects go over-timeline or over-budget. That doesn't happen to our clients.
Certify your CPU & Security updates 70% faster
Utilize continuous, automated testing to keep up-to-date on the latest critical patch updates & security patches.

Set your business users free from long, manual testing cycles and ensure your business remains compliant.
Reduce your production defect rate by 60%
Opkey enables you to instantly run regression tests with every application change, reducing risk while increasing go-to-market speed.

Quickly take advantage of new features and gain peace of mind about your Oracle EBS testing.
3 months
Reduction in migration timeline due to EBS test automation.
Reduction in security non-compliance risk with Opkey's testing tools.
Faster application updates with Oracle EBS automation.

Instantly Discover

Opkey plugs into your EBS environment to discover the tests you've been running. We also mines your transaction data and customizations to identify gaps in coverage, saving you major effort.

Fill in the gaps: apply our library of 2,000 pre-built EBS test cases to help you achieve 90% test coverage in just hours.

Eliminate the need for prolonged business process documentation sessions & complex Excel spreadsheets.

Easily Create

For remaining gaps in coverage, Opkey's no-code interface empowers any employee to create new tests 95% faster than with Selenium or other open-source tools.

Use our drag-and-drop interface to intuitively build any new test, no matter how complex.

Use our test recorder to automatically document browser sessions and create reusable, robust test scrips.

Painlessly Maintain

Easily sustain your automated Oracle EBS testing program with the help of AI. Reduce test maintenance efforts by 80% with self-healing scripts.

Schedule any test to run when and where you want.

Auto-generate reports, collaborate across departments, and raise tickets without leaving the platform.

Easily diagnose failed tests, self-heal broken tests, and escalate defects to the right people with our automated testing platform.

Covering all your Oracle EBS test automation needs
2,000+ pre-built, automated EBS test cases
Reduce Oracle EBS automated testing ramp-up time from months to days, with pre-built tests across Financials, Manufacturing, HRMS, & Supply Chain systems.
Test end-to-end across multiple systems and integrations
Support for Web ADI integrations and OTBI reports out of the box ensure your EBS testing program fits in within your broader tech stack.
Test builder created specifically for Oracle EBS
Opkey can easily handle complex toolbar menus, dynamic LOVs and multi-header tables across multiple EBS versions including 11.X and 12.X.
Automatic impact analysis with every CPU & Security Upgrade
Opkey tells you which scripts need attention before upgrades are pushed, allowing you to prioritize Oracle EBS testing on changes that actually need attention.

Seamless end-to-end test automation

With support for over 12 packaged apps and 150 technologies, Opkey empowers you to automate single-app and cross-app tests without coding.

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Key technical features
Test discovery
Opkey's automation testing tool mines your process logs to instantly discover the tests you've been running and identifies gaps in coverage.
One-click test creation
Immediately increase your test coverage with one click (no software developer required).
Includes over 30,000 pre-built test cases.
No-Code test builder
Our drag-and-drop interface empowers any employee to build complex tests without code.
Testdiscovery Impactanalysis Collaborateand report One-click testcreation Self-healingscripts No-Code test builder
Impact analysis
Get proactive alerts on what tests will be impacted before changes are pushed into production.
Self-healing scripts
Opkey's self-healing technology ensures that when your apps change, your tests won't break.
Collaborate & report
Communicate with colleagues about broken tests directly on Opkey's platform. Automatically generate reports, saving major time.
“The level of coverage and speed you can automate is far beyond anything we have seen before. Opkey helped us dramatically reduce risk and speed up testing cycles, all at a lower program cost. "
Shahid Hussain
Director of Product & Application Services,
Northwell Health
Shahid Hussain
“We chose Opkey for our SAP migration program after careful evaluation of five leading tools on the market. The ability to visualize our business process and testing gaps in real-time was amazing and an eye-opener."
Sandeep Pote
CIO Dilip Buildcon
Sandeep Pote
“Automating the testing of Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM was a matter of necessity, not choice, for us. Opkey's test accelerators helped us move to 100% automated update certification in less than 6 weeks."
Neil Saunders
Cloud ERP Manager
Neil Saunders
“We quickly realized that manually testing our Oracle Finance Cloud with regular patches and quarterly updates was not going to be scalable. Integrating with Opkey was painless."
Dhaval Shah
VP, Quality Management,
Boingo Wireless
Dhaval Shah
“Opkey has helped Sparta Systems transform our regulatory testing and quarterly update certification strategy. This has ensured business continuity for our users with a much higher quality than before."
Bruce Kratz
VP R&D, Sparta Systems
Bruce Kratz
“Opkey stands alone in terms of value given to customers, quality of product, and innovation in the Oracle Cloud testing field. Test automation is no longer optional for enterprises that wish to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing world."
Ian Leath
Head of Oracle Development & Engagement,
Ian Leath
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Oracle EBS testing?
Oracle EBS testing is the process of testing functions within the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), which is an integrated suite of business applications that automate and streamline business processes for enterprises. The EBS suite includes modules for financial management, supply chain management, human capital management, and customer relationship management.
EBS testing involves a range of testing activities, including functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and security testing, among others. It is critical to ensure the quality and reliability of EBS-based applications and systems, and to minimize the risk of errors, defects, or security vulnerabilities.
Oracle EBS testing can be performed using a variety of testing tools and frameworks, including Opkey. The goal of EBS testing is to identify and resolve issues before they impact the performance, functionality, or security of EBS-based applications and systems.
2. What is Oracle EBS test automation?
Oracle test automation is the process of automating the testing of Oracle-based applications, databases, and systems using specialized tools and frameworks. This is a transition from manual, human-driven testing to automated testing. It involves using software tools to create, execute, and manage test cases and to compare actual test results with expected results. 
Oracle test automation can help organizations reduce their testing cycle times, increase test coverage, and improve the quality and reliability of their Oracle-based applications and systems. The goal of Oracle test automation is to streamline the testing process, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of Oracle-based applications and systems.
3. Can I automate Oracle EBS testing?
Yes, you can automate Oracle EBS testing by using specialized tools and frameworks. It involves using software tools to create, execute, and manage test cases and to compare actual test results with expected results.
 Automated Oracle EBS testing tools  like Opkey can help organizations reduce their testing cycle times, increase test coverage, and improve the quality and reliability of their Oracle-based applications and systems.
The goal of Oracle test automation is to streamline the testing process, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of Oracle-based applications and systems. 
And Opkey is the industry's leading Oracle EBS test automation tool.
4. Is Oracle EBS Cloud-based?
Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is not Cloud-based software. It's on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is installed and managed on private servers or data centers.
In 2011, Oracle developed a Cloud-based version of its ERP suite called Oracle Cloud/Oracle Fusion. Oracle Cloud ERP is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is available via the Internet and runs on Oracle's Cloud infrastructure.
5. What is the difference between Oracle Cloud and EBS?
Oracle EBS is often hosted on-premise, whereas Oracle Cloud is a Cloud-based computing platform. EBS has been around for a long time, but the technology (i.e. Java-based forms) is getting old. Oracle Fusion is EBS's replacement, a complete Cloud SaaS solution with advanced features such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
While both Oracle Cloud and EBS provide similar functionality, the primary distinction is the mode of deployment. EBS is installed and runs on the user's own servers or data centers, whereas Oracle Cloud is a Cloud-based service that is accessed via the internet. This means that organizations that use Oracle Cloud do not need to invest in their own infrastructure, but firms that use EBS must manage their own infrastructure. This, further, means that Oracle EBS automation testing platforms need to be able to be hosted on premise--which Opkey can.
6. How can I automate end-to-end Oracle EBS functional tests?
An Oracle EBS environment runs hundreds of business processes that touch multiple applications outside of Oracle EBS, including custom and third-party applications. End-to-end functional testing is required to ensure these key integrations and business processes continue working after an EBS upgrade. Functional testing tools for Oracle EBS, like Opkey, provide elements like a pre-built test accelerator, change impact analysis, and self-healing. This makes Oracle EBS automated testing a breeze.
7. What are the technical considerations when upgrading Oracle EBS?
Oracle EBS 12.2. A robust upgrade testing plan is required that defines the scope of testing, the resources required, and the solidified upgrade timeline.Technical considerations when upgrading Oracle EBS must include:
‍With the looming loss of Premier Support for EBS versions 12.1 and below, organizations have no choice but to upgrade to
  • Confirm their upgrade testing methods are CEMLI compliant: An initial evaluation of existing CEMLIs (Customizations, Extensions, Modifications, Localizations, and Integrations) will highlight areas that may need additional focus during upgrade testing. 
  • Functional evaluation: The EBS 12.2 upgrade involves significant changes in the data model and functionality.
  • Define what to test: The majority of EBS upgrades involve CEMLI upgrades, functional testing, or an infrastructure migration to the Cloud (OCI/AWS/Azure). Finding a method to test more functionality within a limited timeline is one of the biggest challenges associated with Oracle EBS upgrades.
  • Define what to fix: Changes in customizations and integrations can introduce defects in your current EBS versions, which should be considered when beginning an EBS upgrade.
  • Review end-to-end integrations: To ensure the upgraded environment has no broken functionality, you’ll need to rigorously test all your integrations. Testing a process from end-to-end will ensure minimal business disruptions after the upgrade.
8. What is load testing, and why is it important for Oracle EBS?
Load testing is a type of performance testing that simulates user traffic and measures the behavior of a system under a specific load. The load condition can be simulated by the number of users, requests, or transactions. It is used to measure the performance of the application under normal and peak conditions.Load testing examines the system's behavior when it is subjected to severe loads. These tests are nonfunctional and can take numerous forms to assess the platform's reliability, stability, and availability. It can also be used to explore, measure, validate, or verify other system quality features like scalability, dependability, and resource utilization. The following factors are determined by performance testing:
  • Speed determines how quickly the Oracle EBS responds.
  • Scalability is the maximum user load that the Oracle EBS can handle.
  • Stability determines whether the Oracle EBS is stable under varying load conditions.
  • By reusing the load tests, a load testing tool such as Opkey may analyze the maximum performance of the EBS system.
9. Why is Oracle EBS testing important?
Oracle EBS is such a huge ERP with volumes of customers, customizations, and integrations. A single fault can bring the system to a halt. Testing is critical to ensuring the quality and reliability of EBS-based applications to minimize the risk of errors, defects, or security vulnerabilities. Oracle EBS test automation methods are employed to ensure that the system works as expected, that users can do their activities efficiently and effectively.
10. How can Opkey help with Oracle EBS test automation?
Opkey is the industry’s leading Oracle EBS test automation tool that helps enterprises to automate their EBS testing and ensure that their EBS upgrade is completed on time, under budget, and without any major mistakes.
  • No-code test creation: Opkey’s no-code test automation transforms manual test cases into automated cases with one click—eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Business users can intuitively build automated tests through a drag-and-drop interface and by autonomously recording their workflows.
  • Pre-built accelerators: To further accelerate testing processes and minimize risks, Opkey offers more than 2,000 pre-built, automated test scripts for testing key EBS application transactions.
  • End-to-end testing: Opkey provides end-to-end testing support for multiple EBS integrations.
  • Test data management: Opkey’s automated test data management solution ensures the right test data is always available for automated testing.
  • Smart Tracking: Opkey provides easy-to-understand dashboards that enable businesses to easily keep track of each aspect of testing.
11. When will Oracle EBS lose support services from Oracle?
In 2018, Oracle announced that EBS clients on version 12.1 and below would be losing Premier Support, which forced many organizations to upgrade to EBS version 12.2. The desire to upgrade has grown since Oracle announced they will continue Premier Support for 12.2 through 2031, and it’s the only EBS version that will receive new enhancements moving forward. Get in-depth details in the ebook: Testing strategy guide for upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2.11
12. What is the history of Oracle EBS?
The Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) was developed by Oracle Corporation and first made available in 1988 as Oracle Financials. The E-Business Suite, released in 2001, is Oracle's first comprehensive collection of ERP and CRM software.
Over the years, Oracle has continued to update and enhance the EBS suite; the most recent version is EBS 12.2, which was released in 2013. Oracle has, however, moved its focus to Cloud-based solutions. In 2011, Oracle released a new Cloud based solution called Oracle Fusion Applications. Yet Oracle EBS automation testing is still vital to making the most of your EBS apps.
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