ConfigOps for Oracle Cloud: Streamline Deployments & Releases

Maximize efficiency by automating the creation and deployment of configurations across your entire Oracle ecosystem.

Trusted by hundreds of leading enterprises.

Pipeline & release management like you've never seen before.

Document. Analyze. Compare. Track. Plan. Migrate. Monitor.
Opkey's ConfigOps enables continuous integrations and releases, so you can speed up development & take maximum advantage of your Oracle Cloud environment.

Improve efficiency across your configuration processes.

Whether your implementing a new Oracle Cloud instance or seeking to optimize business-as-usual testing, ConfigOps fits your needs.

Increase the velocity of software delivery.

Automate deployments of configurations and track data easily. Manage task creation and eliminate manual work and complex recording. Includes convenient Google Chrome browser extension.

  • Opkey’s ConfigOps platform break testing down into 3 stages:
    1. Tasks: configure tasks like exporting, importing, copying, and comparing configurations. Manage approvals, map configurations, and much more.
    2. Pipeline: carry out tests, execute configurations, and monitor progress.
    3. Packages: store information and create unique combinations for later use.
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