Advisory for Coupa R39, May 2024 Release | Download now
Advisory for Oracle Cloud 24B Release | Download now


An Actionable Guide to Oracle EBS Testing
An Actionable Guide to Oracle EBS Testing ebook aims to discover expert tips, proven strategies, and practical insights to streamline your testing process and enhance system performance.
The Complete Guide to System Integration Testing
Discover best practices and potential challenges in System Integration Testing.
Healthcare & Life Sciences: How Test Automation Enables You to Keep Up in 2024
Download to explore common challenges in testing for healthcare & life sciences, and how testing changes the game.
A Complete Guide to Integration Testing for Coupa
Are you grappling with the complexities of integration testing in your Coupa environment? Tempted to overlook its significance?
A Guide to Test Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Testing Program With Test Automation
Learn why test maintenance is the cornerstone of modern software development, and how test automation simply makes it easier.
How to Justify Test Automation Spend to Your Boss
We have outlined the most important decision criterion for investments in testing tools. Get the info you need.
A Comprehensive Guide to Regression Testing
Get the information you need about regression testing and how test automation can take it to the next level in terms of efficiency and speed.
A Comprehensive Guide to User Acceptance Testing Across ERP Environments
UAT is an often neglected yet essential aspect of software testing. Download our E-Book to learn how test automation enables it.
Key Features To Look For In Your Automated Testing Tool
Modern enterprises across every industry are making the change to automated testing. Learn what you should be looking for in a tool.
The Complete Guide to No-Code Test Automation
Read for a comprehensive overview of No-Code test automation and how Opkey can help streamline software testing.
Demystifying Oracle HCM Cloud Migrations: Best Practices for a Smooth Transition
Explore how an intentional testing strategy can help minimize the risk of failure and empower you to quickly start seeing ROI.
Testing strategy guide for upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2.11
Learn how to create an upgrade testing plan that accounts for all aspects of business process maintenance, compliance, and security.
How to Save Money with Test Automation
We all know that time is money. When it comes to testing, automation can save you a lot of both.
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