Why Opkey

It's the easiest to use packaged application testing tool on the market.

Forget everything you know about test automation. Opkey accelerates your migrations, implementations and upgrades with a tool so intuitive that anyone in your organization can use it.

Seriously, you've never seen a test automation tool like this!

250+ global enterprises are already automating their ERP testing with Opkey.

The Opkey Way

Opkey is redefining test automation for ERP applications.

Opkey’s no-code platform instantly generates the test cases you need and transforms them into automated test cases in one click, enabling both business users and IT to automate and scale testing efforts.

With 30,000+ pre-build test cases across 12+ ERPs and 150+ technologies, and notable mentions by industry Analysts like IDC, Gartner and Forrester, Opkey is the industry leader for ERP test automation.

Technology you can trust

Opkey is an enterprise-grade test automation solution that comes with encrypted in-flight data storage. The data we use fits directly into your existing infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

We strongly believe your data is sacred, and we pride ourselves on complying with some of the most stringent IT security practices in the world.

250+ global enterprises are automating their ERP testing with Opkey.

Instantly discover

Opkey's test automation solution plugs into your ERP environment to immediately discover your legacy tests. Opkey also mines your process logs to identify gaps in coverage.

Fill in the gaps: apply our library of 30,000 pre-built tests to help you achieve 90% test coverage in hours.

Eliminate the need for prolonged business process documentation sessions & complex Excel spreadsheets.

Easily create

For remaining gaps in coverage, Opkey's no-code interface empowers any employee to create new tests 95% faster than with Selenium or other tools.

Use our drag-and-drop interface to easily build any test.

Use our test recorder to automatically document browser sessions.

Painlessly maintain

Easily sustain your automated testing program with the help of AI. Reduce test maintenance efforts by 80% with self-healing scripts.

Schedule any test to run when and where you want.

Autogenerate reports, collaborate across departments, and raise tickets without leaving the platform.

Easily diagnose why tests fail, self-heal broken tests, and escalate defects to the right people.

Trusted by hundreds of leading enterprises.

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