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We are Opkey

We're helping the world's leading organizations save time, money and effort on packaged app testing.

The Opkey Story

Opkey was founded in 2015 by life-long friends and industry veterans, Pankaj Goel, Avinash Tiwari & Lalit Jain.

After spending their careers helping clients migrate, implement, and test ERPs, the friends realized that existing automation tools weren’t good enough.

They were either too technical—which prohibited their widespread use within an organization—or were too UX focused, which prevented robust, automated testing.


To solve this dilemma, the friends founded Opkey with a simple mission: create a tool that’s robust enough to automate the most complex ERP tests, yet simple enough for any employee to use. Their goal was to help organizations become more efficient by improving and simplifying their testing processes. 

Opkey has enabled hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises to successfully tackle their ERP migrations, deployments, and updates across the most-utilized packaged applications on the market.

Our customers have adopted the Opkey platform across a wide variety of apps, industries, and use cases.

Whether you’re a healthcare company looking to speed up software testing or a retailer looking to optimize your ERP environment, Opkey empowers any organization to get the most of their packaged applications.

Hundreds of Testing Experts

Headquartered in Dublin, California, with additional offices in Pittsburgh, NYC, India & Australia.

Trusted by hundreds of enterprise customers across the globe.

The Opkey Way

Management Team

Pankaj Goel
Pankaj Goel
Co-Founder & CEO
Avinash Tiwari
Avinash Tiwari
Co-Founder & Head
of Opkey Mobile
Lalit Jain
Dimpy Sharma
Dimpy Sharma
VP of Product Solutions
Noah Keil
Noah Keil
Head of
Marketing & Growth
Julian Andronic
Julian Andronic
VP of Sales
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