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Thought Leadership

Testing the 2024 waters: predictions and insights from Pankaj Goel, CEO of Opkey
See what Opkey CEO Pankaj Goel predicts is coming up in 2024.
AI - Beyond chatbots and into testing automation
How could Generative AI revolutionise your ERP testing protocols? Find out more here.
These advances in test automation could change everything for your ERP
Here’s 5 major advances that have changed the game when it comes to test automation.
Opkey's CEO, Pankaj Goel's thoughts on Opkey's 2023 State of ERP Testing Report
Opkey CEO Pankaj Goel shares his insights on Opkey’s 2023 State of ERP Testing report.
Opkey’s state of ERP testing report points to “SaaS mess”
ERP Today explores the role of SaaS mess in driving demand for ERP testing solutions.
Why Continuous Testing is the key to unlocking your ERP transformation
Opkey CEO Pankaj Goel explains why continuous testing allows for a successful ERP testing program.
Digital Immune Systems: Assurance in the midst of volatility
Are you aware of the important role of Digital Immune systems in your digital environment?
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