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Test Automation for Manufacturing

The manufacturing business is inherently complex; you’re managing sourcing, production, assembly, shipping, invoicing, compliance, and more. If you’ve invested in an ERP solution to streamline your business operations, it is crucial not to overlook the importance of thorough testing. Poor testing practices can potentially undermine the effectiveness and efficiency of your ERP system.

Opkey’s no-code test automation platform is so easy to use that both business and technical users can automate their application testing in hours, not weeks.

You’re in good company
Manufacturing businesses often need to scale operations to accommodate growing demands. That means your supply chain management, logistics and sales applications must operate seamlessly.
That’s where automated testing comes in.

Test automation provides you the ability to execute numerous tests across multiple business processes in less time through automation, recording, capturing, and prebuilt accelerators.

Test automation addresses significant challenges related to slow manual testing processes and the need for accuracy. Opkey's no code test automation solution reduces delays, enhances efficiency, and saves time and costs, resulting in improved revenue generation and a higher return on investment (ROI).
Ingenico Group
“Opkey enabled Ingenico to accommodate 98 transport requests per quarter,nearly doubling their output prior to automation.”
Knoll is an American design firm that manufactures office systems, tables, desks, and other items for homes and office settings. The company has roughly 3,500 employees and operates internationally. Knoll struggled with their Oracle EBS upgrades, specifically 12.2.10. Knoll partnered with Opkey to automate their EBS testing. We reduced Knoll’s upgrade time from 6 months to 2 months. They no longer experience application downtime.

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Don’t just take our word for it.
15x faster application updates
$1.2 million in annual testing cost savings
Northwell Health
92% reduction in Oracle Cloud downtime risk
Cottage Health
Oracle Partner
Opkey Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Oracle
“I’ve seen that the folks that partner with Opkey are exponentially happier from a customer satisfaction perspective. The goal of this partnership with Opkey is to support even more happy Oracle customers.”
Mike Preffer
Mike Pfeffer
Senior Director, Oracle
Opkey | KPMG
KPMG and Opkey Enter in Strategic Alliance to Offer Best-In-Class Automated Testing Solutions
“KPMG is looking forward to continued success in partnering with Opkey to incorporate best-in-class test automation into our extensive offerings. This strategic alliance provides an exciting opportunity to accelerate innovation together for our clients.”
Ryan Burns
Ryan Burns
Principal at KPMG
Opkey | Workday
Opkey Named Workday Partner
“We know that our test automation platform brings immense value to Workday customers who are seeking to save time and money on testing, while also looking to quickly take advantage of Workday’s latest features & functionalities. This partnership is a win-win for Opkey, Workday and our joint customers, and that’s our goal.”
Pankaj Goel
Pankaj Goel
CEO, Opkey
Opkey | Coupa
Opkey is Coupa’s First & Only Certified Test Automation Partner 
“We’re proud to have Opkey on the Coupa App Marketplace to give our customers even better ability to quickly test and secure every aspect of their Coupa environment, ensuring the greatest value and operability of their spend management processes.”
Nigel Pegg
Nigel Pegg
VP & GM, Coupa Platform & App Marketplace
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How do we do it?

Opkey is built out specifically for manufacturing industry needs

Continuous testing
Incorporate Opkey into your CI/CD pipeline to focus more on delivering value rather than test maintenance.
Orchestrate test execution 
Opkey is No-Code. Both business and technical users can start testing with with minimal effort.
Handle change
AI-powered change impact analysis allows you to easily visualize risks during process change to avoid disruption.
Painlessly maintain tests with the help of AI
Reduce test maintenance time by up to 80% with self-healing scripts. Opkey scripts get healed autonomously without human intervention.
Key technical features
ERP-Specific AI Chatbot Assistant
Our chatbot Wilfred is powered by a business-specific language model.
Extensive Pre-built Test Library
30,000+ pre-built tests allow you to onboard your automation program in weeks.
No-Code Test Builder
Enable any employee across business and IT teams to create tests without coding.
AI-powered Impact Analysis
Get proactive alerts on what tests will be impacted before changes are pushed into production.
Advanced Reports and Dashboards
Opkey has out-of-the-box reporting templates and dashboards, saving you hours of time creating audit trails.
Key Technical Feature
AI-Driven Test Discovery
Opkey's automation testing tool mines your process logs to instantly discover the tests you've been running and identifies gaps in coverage.
AI-Powered Impact Analysis
Get proactive alerts on what tests will be impacted before changes are pushed into production.
AI-Enabled Self-Healing Scripts
After every update, quickly fix broken tests with self-healing script technology.
“The level of coverage and speed you can automate is far beyond anything we have seen before. Opkey helped us dramatically reduce risk, speed up testing cycles, all at a lower program cost. "
Shahid Hussain
Director of Product & Application Services,
Northwell Health
Shahid Hussain
“Opkey has greatly decreased the time it takes for Cottage Health to certify our Oracle quarterly cloud updates and completely optimized our test coverage. "
Neil Saunders
ERP Manager, Cottage Health
Neil Saunders
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