Opkey's Managed Oracle Cloud Certification

Let Opkey’s experts do the heavy lifting for you, and certify your Oracle patch update in just 3 days. Reduce risk, save time, and save money on each quarterly release without having to lift a finger.

Maximize Speed

Opkey guarantees that your Oracle patch release will be certified in just 3 days. With Opkey's Oracle Cloud certification, get your security reports on the first day of applying the update.
Reduce Risk

Achieve optimal test coverage on each Oracle release, ensuring there are no breakages in your applications.
Lower Cost

Reduce testing costs of your Oracle Cloud patch updates by over 50%, compared to manual testing.
24/7 Service

Our flexible resource structure means that our test automation experts are at your disposal whenever you need them.
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The easiest way to get through your Oracle quarterly patch updates

Keeping up with each Oracle quarterly patch update is a cumbersome process. It’s resource intensive, time-consuming, and if not tested properly, can leave your business exposed to risk.

Opkey’s managed Oracle Cloud certification takes all the hard work off your plate, and ensures that:
  1. Your test coverage is optimal for each business process
  2. Your applications are fully certified and ready for release in just 3 days
  3. Your technical and business users can spend their time on value-added activities, not testing
Save time and money on each Oracle update with Opkey.
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Boingo Wireless Case Study

See how Boingo Wireless reduced their quarterly patch update cycles from 3 months to 3 days with Opkey's managed Oracle Cloud certification.
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