Oracle Managed Cloud Services with Test Automation

Do you use Oracle? You may have considered partnering with an Oracle Managed Cloud Services provider for your testing needs. Well, there’s another way.

Introducing Opkey’s No-Code test automation platform for all of your Oracle Cloud Services Quarterly Updates, patches, and daily business needs.

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Opkey can help you maximize your Oracle investment, increase test coverage, lower costs, and reduce risk.

Our AI-enabled platform automates testing for updates, patches, business process changes, business process changes, and more.  

How do we do it?

What do we provide as part of our Oracle Managed Cloud Services?

Continuous Testing
Opkey's test automation tool ensures that frequent updates and patches are tested in hours rather than days.
Change Management
Opkey's Impact Analysis highlights key updates and changes while providing you with high-level test guidance to quickly certify your Oracle Cloud quarterly updates.
Application Monitoring
Increase the efficiency of your existing Oracle applications with Opkey's No-Code Test Automation platform.
Compliance Readiness
Safeguard Oracle applications with continuous real-time monitoring via a thorough security and compliance program.
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The easiest way to get through your Oracle quarterly patch updates

Keeping up with each Oracle quarterly patch update is a cumbersome process. It’s resource intensive, time-consuming, and can can leave your business exposed to risk if not tested properly.

Opkey’s managed Oracle Cloud certification ensures that:
  1. Your test coverage is optimal for each business process
  2. Your applications are fully certified and ready for release in just 3 days
  3. Your technical and business users can spend their time on value-adding activities, not testing
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Cottage Health Case Study

Cottage Health utilized Opkey's Managed Oracle Cloud Services offering & achieved 100% Test Coverage while reducing testing cycle timelines by 87%
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