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2024 State of ERP
Testing Report

Opkey’s 2024 State of ERP Testing Report

As the ERP testing landscape transforms with the dawn of 2024, are you ready to navigate its new pathways? 

Opkey has dedicated itself to mapping the current and future state of the industry. By engaging over 500 business and IT leaders in a comprehensive survey and combining their insights with our in-depth research, we are excited to present the third edition of our annual State of ERP Testing Report.

Our findings unveil a notable evolution in ERP usage. A striking 85% of participants now lean more heavily on SaaS applications than in the previous year. Meanwhile, 79% are shifting from on-premise systems to cloud-based alternatives, and an intriguing 78% are considering AI to enhance their testing strategies. These numbers clearly illustrate the rapidly changing face of ERP testing as we venture into the upcoming year.

Embark on a journey through this report to explore the ongoing shift to cloud computing, the role of Generative AI in expediting testing cycles, strategies to manage the complexities of SaaS environments, and many other insights.

Download your copy now and arm yourself with the knowledge to thrive in the evolving world of ERP testing.

Some key insights at a glance:
  • SaaS buying cycles are getting longer.
  • Industry-specific ERP testing platforms are on the rise.
  • Generative AI is revolutionizing test cycles and allowing for unprecedented efficiency.
  • & much more...
Read our CEO Pankaj Goel's thoughts on what the report means in his blog post.
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The 2024 State of ERP Testing: What It Means
Pankaj Goel
CEO of Opkey
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Apps Development Sr. Director,
Fortune 500 Healthcare Insurance Provider
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