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Oracle EBS and Fusion Integration: Why Testing is Vital in Hybrid ERP Environment

Oracle EBS and Fusion Integration: Why Testing is Vital in Hybrid ERP Environments

May 24, 2024
Iffat Ara Khanam

Most organizations rely on both EBS (E-Business Suite) and Oracle Fusion applications to address their diverse business needs. This hybrid approach lets companies blend the robust capabilities of traditional on-premise systems with the flexibility and innovation of Oracle Fusion. Oracle EBS handles complex, mission-critical processes, while Oracle Fusion delivers modern, scalable solutions with cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

However, managing a hybrid ERP environment with EBS and Fusion integration presents challenges, such as integration issues, data inconsistency, and security checks. To tackle these challenges and maximize their Oracle investment, companies need a rigorous testing plan to ensure flawless interoperability and seamless business continuity across their hybrid architecture.

Let’s explore the EBS-Fusion hybrid ERP environment, as well as how Oracle-informed test automation can streamline testing and improve operations.  

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Practical Use Cases of Business Processes

Why Cohesive Testing Is Key in a Hybrid Ecosystem

Testing is vital to minimize business risks and optimize integration benefits when utilizing both Oracle Fusion and E-Business Suite apps.

  • Validate integration between applications:  When integrating two complex systems, such as Fusion and EBS, it becomes critical to ensure that data flows smoothly and that the integrated procedures work properly. Integration testing guarantees that transactions started in one system are correctly processed and reflected in the other.
  • Identify change in the application: Any modifications or updates to Fusion or EBS, such as quarterly updates, CPUs, or customizations, may affect the integrated solution. Regression testing guarantees that changes do not impair existing functionality, and that new features or additions do not have unexpected consequences in the integrated system. Testing is imperative to ensure a smooth transition of data within the Fusion and Oracle EBS Integration in your hybrid ERP systems.
  • Validate the functionality: Both Fusion and EBS may have distinct features and workflows. Testing assures that all features operate as intended and satisfy business objectives. This involves testing core modules, modifications, and extensions in both Fusion and EBS.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT):  End-users are an important factor in determining the efficiency and usability of the integrated system. UAT enables users to test real-world scenarios and workflows to confirm that the integrated solution fulfills their requirements as expected.  
  • Analyzing performance and scalability: Fusion and EBS integration can affect system performance and scalability, especially during peak usage or when processing large volumes of data. Performance testing identifies performance bottlenecks, latency issues, and scalability limits.  

Unlocking Opkey's Potential in Hybrid Environments

Opkey is an innovative platform that enables enterprises to digitize ERP operations and modernize change delivery in the dynamic landscape of hybrid environment.  

As a certified Oracle partner, Opkey offers tailored capabilities for hybrid business-process testing.

Here's how Opkey can support your journey:

  • Unified cross-application testing: Opkey's comprehensive cross-application testing services enable enterprises to validate the integration, functionality, performance, and security of both Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion applications, resulting in a seamless and dependable experience for end users and stakeholders.  
  • Cost savings: Opkey's test automation technology reduces time and effort for Oracle testing whether you are using EBS or Fusion, identifying issues early on and minimizing costly errors.
  • Risk mitigation: Opkey assists in mitigating risks related to software flaws, data errors, and integration failures. Opkey's change impact analysis capability reduces the chance of costly downtime and system breakdowns, hence protecting the company's operations and reputation.
  • Integrated governance and control: Modern Oracle Fusion environment requires strict adherence to international and industry standards. Opkey ensures adherence to a wide range of compliance standards, including ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, and provides strong governance and control mechanisms for Oracle application testing.
  • Technical and functional support: Ensuring the integrity of EBS environments requires painstaking attention and knowledge. Opkey provides comprehensive management solutions for EBS and Oracle Fusion apps, which include both functional and technical support. Opkey's specialized team of professionals assures SLA adherence and executes critical maintenance operations to ensure end users' optimal functionality.
Opkey for Oracle EBS Testing
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Opkey empowers organizations operating in hybrid EBS and Fusion environments to elevate their testing processes, enhance coverage, and expedite software delivery.  

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