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Oracle AI for Fusion Applications: All You Need to Know

Oracle AI for Fusion Applications: All you need to know

February 29, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

The buzz about AI is everywhere. It’s transforming processes in various industries incredibly quickly. This blog will delve into how AI is being incorporated into Oracle’s products, and what these changes mean for your software testing protocols. Oracle's business-centric AI is accelerating decision-making and enhancing workforce efficiency throughout every module. Oracle has been proactive in Infusing both classic and generative AI directly into its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, all with the goal of making business easier for you. 

Users can seamlessly integrate these AI insights into their daily software environment, boosting operational effectiveness instantly. How? Let’s dive in.

Oracle’s Generative AI

Oracle generative AI simplifies work and improves productivity by leveraging capabilities embedded inside Fusion Cloud Applications. Privacy and security built into the design adds to confidence for everyday business operations. Oracle fusion applications have AI embedded. What new features and functionality will it bring?

Embedded AI in Fusion Cloud Applications

Easy-to-adopt latest AI capabilities help improve productivity and decision-making. AI automates end-to-end business processes, and reduces the cost of doing business. Let us explore the features by business function below:

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Human Capital Management

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM

Enhance financial performance, streamline planning, and boost automation with Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials' tailored AI features for finance tasks.

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Cloud Sales

Oracle AI for Oracle Sales empowers your sales teams by identifying and directing them to high-probability leads and opportunities, accelerating deals, and enhancing sales conversion rates through real-time AI-enabled automation.

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Service

Boost service efficiency and personalize support across channels with AI, optimizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM

Optimize supply chain decisions and management processes with Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM's standard AI algorithms.

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Marketing

Aggregate customer data for real-time insights. Marketers leverage AI to engage, convert, and nurture relationships, boosting value.

Oracle AI for Fusion Applications - key benefits

  • AI built for business: Oracle prioritizes customer data security empowering user(s) to work smarter without relinquishing control over decision-making.
  • Robust performance with the backing of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: OCI excels in running complex AI workloads with high-performance. Cost-effective GPU clusters, and the Cloud's top RDMA network bandwidth, ensuring low latency and solid performance for today's resource-intensive AI models.
  • AI delivered where work gets done: Seamless insights, timely predictions, and efficient automation in workflow—no complex implementations or integrations. There is an added benefit from a continuous learning loop for ongoing performance improvement.
  • Feedback from thousands of customers to power innovation: Companies across industries use Oracle software everyday. It creates a feedback loop for rapid innovation, improved AI capabilities, and the delivery of best-in-class enterprise AI solutions to market.

Opkey and Oracle Fusion AI

Opkey provides best-in-class test automation, seamlessly integrating with Oracle Fusion AI to enhance the testing process. By providing robust automation capabilities, Opkey ensures efficient and accurate testing of Oracle Fusion AI Apps. It contributes to the overall reliability and performance. Its compatibility with Oracle Fusion AI allows for a cohesive and streamlined testing experience, enabling organizations to deploy AI-driven solutions with confidence.

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