Executions in Test Discovery


The Executions tab will let you view the Runlist as well as Schedules of the processes.

On the canvas in the middle section, the processes and modules  present in the instance can be viewed.

On the right pane you can view the Summary of the Test Execution and the date on which it was performed under the Summary Tab.

The graphical representation will let you know about the Scenarios, Test Cases, and Errors that have been run on the specified date and time.

In the last section, you’ll be able to view the Upcoming Test Runs under categories of Queued, Scheduled and All.

To run the test cases, you’ll have to manage the Run settings under the Settings tab

Select the Build, Agent, and select Schedule Run Setting.

You can also click on the More Settings under Advanced Setting and select the requirements.

Once the Run Setting is saved you can run the automated test cases. While the test cases are getting executed you can view the same through Virtual Network Computing (VNC). 

To view the executed run on the specified machine, VNC helps us view it virtually in which the agent as well as the VNC is installed. You’ll have to connect to the specified network virtually to view the executions.

Post the execution you can view the graphical representation of components on the canvas. The complete details can also be seen on the right pane.

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