Test Case Report

The Test Case Report will have all the details of the scenarios and tests of a particular module. Users can create the Test Case Report by clicking on the Create button. 

Users will have to select the Test Case Report from the dropdown. And enter the details. 

Once the Test Case Report is created users can view them on the page also.

On the right pane, you can view the details of the report. Under the All tab, you can view the 

Coverage Assessment.

This section notifies you about the assessment of the scenarios and test cases in a particular module. It will notify the percentage of test cases that are tested and should be tested.

The last section will notify about the module and the categories of test cases present in it.

The Test cases are categorized into





The Details tab will display the details of test cases based on categories

You can view the downloaded report in PDF format.

The Report will have details of Scenarios and Test Cases. You can view the activities, components, expected result, pre-condition, and test data on the excel page.



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