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A Comparison of Oracle Updates
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A Comparison of Oracle Updates

August 4, 2023
Sohaib Zaidi

When it comes to your Oracle Cloud environment, information is power. That’s why we’ve compiled a synopsis of the eight most recent Oracle updates (with links to advisory documents with detailed overviews). This comprehensive collection of Oracle releases allows you see at a glance what changes have arrived to your ecosystem. 

What Are Oracle Updates?

Oracle Cloud Apps are a widely used suite of enterprise applications. Available as SaaS (software-as-a-service), these apps streamline essential business functions, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Human Capital Management (HCM). Oracle works on the principle of continuous innovation, constantly unveiling new features, functionalities, bug fixes, and enhancements. These new updates are called Oracle releases, updates, or upgrades.  

Oracle Updates Release Cycle

Oracle Cloud follows a systematic quarterly update schedule, with each update being assigned a sequential name. The update for the first quarter of 2023 is referred to as 23A, the update for the second quarter as 23B, the update for the third quarter as 23C, and the Oracle release update for the fourth quarter as 23D. It’s important to note that these updates are staggered at different times, so various companies are in-process of upgrading at different stages. You may be finalizing 23B while the company next door works on 23C. 

Companies choose from three cycles of quarterly updates:

  • January/April/July/October
  • February/ May/ August/ November
  • March/ June/ September/ December

Comprehensive List of Recent Oracle Updates

Opkey's Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud's 24A Release

The Oracle 24A release brings improvements in the Financials, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management modules. Opkey is here to guide and empower Oracle users with a smooth update process. Read Opkey's comprehensive advisory document and testing plan to ensure seamless roll out of the Oracle 24A release. Read more

Opkey's Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud's 23D Release

Oracle's 23D Release for its cloud applications is considered as a game-changer as it brings significant enhancements to Financials, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management modules. Read Opkey's comprehensive advisory document and testing plan to ensure seamless roll out of the release. Read more

Opkey’s Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud’s 23C Release 

Oracle's 23C release has arrived, bringing with it new enhancements for the Financials, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management modules. Opkey’s 23C Functional and Technical Advisory document highlights key updates and changes to be aware of, and also provides you with high-level test guidance to quickly certify your Oracle’s 23C update. Read more

Opkey's Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud 23B Release

The Oracle Cloud 23B update brings new features like Automatic Resumption of Payment Process Request, Analytics Publisher, and more. To learn more about the new features and functionalities that come along with the Oracle 23B update, read Opkey's Oracle Cloud 23B Advisory document. Read more

Opkey's Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud’s 23A Release

The Oracle 23A update provides new features like configure controls, split payments, and much more. Opkey's advisory document for Oracle Cloud 23A gives you comprehensive details on the impacted areas and workflows. Read more.

Opkey's Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 22D Release

Oracle Cloud 22D updates allow you to run the following processes in parallel - AutoPost Journals, Manual Posting of Journals, and AutoReverse Journals in a General Ledger. There are several other enhancements that come with 22D across Intercompany, Common Financials, Expenses, Advanced Collection, and Cash Management. Read more.

Opkey's Oracle Cloud Quarterly Update Test Strategy for 22C

The Oracle Cloud 22C updates provide enhancements for tracking the sender of invoice documents and gathering additional information from emails. These updates also offer various other features, such as the ability to customize the sender's name and email for supplier management notifications, as well as sourcing notifications. For more comprehensive details and testing guidance, we recommend referring to Opkey's advisory document. Read more.

Opkey's Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 22B Release

The introduction of Oracle Intelligent Advisor was a notable highlight in the Oracle 22B updates. Additionally, significant enhancements and functionalities were incorporated into modules such as HCM Common Features, HCM Common Architecture, HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader, Workforce Structures, and Workforce Directory Management. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the specific changes introduced in the 22B release, we recommend consulting Opkey's advisory document. Read more.

Opkey's Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 22A Update

The 22A release of Oracle Cloud places a strong emphasis on improving usability, resiliency, performance, and security. A range of new features has been introduced to facilitate tasks such as monitoring performance trends, examining common usage patterns, analyzing service requests, and engaging in customer discussions. Furthermore, users now have the ability to utilize the Collections Strategies REST API to replace an existing strategy assigned to a customer with a new one. For more detailed information about the changes and enhancements introduced in the Oracle 22A updates, refer Opkey's Advisory document. Read more.

Opkey's Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud Update 21C Release

With the Oracle 21C update, users now have the capability to utilize the Bank Transfers REST API to view, create, and update bank transfers. This functionality enables seamless integration between external systems and Cash Management, facilitating the initiation and settlement of fund transfers between bank accounts. Additionally, users can generate credit memos in both Receivables and Payables to account for negative intercompany transactions. Alongside these updates, there are several other enhancements introduced. To gain a comprehensive understanding of these updates, you should read Opkey's advisory document specifically created for the 21C update. Read more.

How Opkey Can Help

It is important to note that every Oracle Cloud quarterly update necessitates a minimum of two rounds of regression testing, one in the testing environment and another in the production environment. Performing these tests manually can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, relying on guesswork to select regression tests may result in either excessive or insufficient testing.

Opkey solves this problem with No-Code test automation. Before each update is applied to customers’ environments, Opkey runs a comprehensive series of automated tests to validate the features being released. Opkey then leverages these tests to tell you clearly what the change is in your transactions, configurations, and custom screens. Our impact analysis report then automatically flags what you need to be aware of. 

The result? Companies can certify their Oracle Cloud updates in as little as three days.

Read a real-life case study here.

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