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Oracle Cloud 24B Release Notes: What’s New?
Oracle Cloud’s 24B Release Is Coming Up
Want to know how Opkey can help you navigate through Oracle Cloud’s 24B?

Oracle Cloud 24B Release Notes: What’s New?

March 29, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

The latest update for Oracle Cloud is here! 24B brings new features and functionalities to your Oracle environment. This blog covers what's new to look forward to in the Oracle Cloud 24B release and how it can benefit you. We'll break down the key features concisely, so you can get the most out of your upgrade.

Want to learn more about Oracle’s shift to Redwood?  

We'll also emphasize why thorough testing is crucial for the Oracle 24B release rollout and how Opkey’s No-Code test automation platform can enable the updates easily.

Whether you're a seasoned Oracle Cloud user or just getting started, this blog (along with our detailed advisory guide) will help you prepare for your smoothest update yet.

What's in these updates for your business benefit?

Let’s overview some of the most exciting new benefits, by module.  

 updates for your business benefit

And that's not all! Expect a more user-friendly experience across the board with Oracle Redwood interfaces, improved self-service reporting, and streamlined workflows.

Download our extensive Advisory guide for comprehensive insights into reviewing the Oracle Cloud 24B release notes thoroughly.

Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud’s 24B Release

What’s new in Human Capital Management (HCM)?

Improved data management for efficient HR processes, a more user-friendly Redwood experience, and streamlined functionalities in areas like Absence Management, Learning, and Talent Management.

What’s new in Financials Module (FIN)?

Easier invoice handling, flexible control over billing rates, and improved project cost tracking with better expense management and unclaimed check handling.

What’s new in Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Streamlining procurement processes, improving supplier collaboration and expanding self-service procurement functionalities. It also offers enhanced functionality in manufacturing, order management and global order promises.

What are the new technical updates?

Human Capital Management (HCM):  

HCM Common:

  • Bulk data management with Import and Load Data features for complete datasets.
  • Automating HCM Data Loader and HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader integrations.
  • Improved Business Intelligence (BI) reporting for data storage optimization.
  • Streamlined processing of large XML data volumes.
  • Enhanced diagnostics for incremental extract changes and user access control lists.

Human Resources:

  • Panel drawer option for Report task type BIP reports.
  • Redwood and Visual Builder Studio for a modern user experience in Journey Integrations and Grade Rates.
  • Expanded Global HCM OTBI reporting with new subject area attributes.
  • Improved checklist reporting with task attachment details.


  • Enhanced compensation reporting with HR Action and Action Reason details.
  • Reporting on secondary manager hierarchies for compensation management.
  • Recruiting:
  • Improved candidate communication despite hidden fields.
  • Candidate search archiving with expanded filters for OTBI reporting.

Talent Management:

  • Bulk feedback creation and update via HCM Data Loaders.
  • Revamped Mass Action Processes page for performance documents.
  • Enhanced reporting on person and model profiles with attachment details.


  • Section deletion and activity adjustments in offerings/specializations with HCM Data Loader.
  • Removal of existing folder structures for enrollment questionnaires and evaluation details.

Absence Management:

  • Improved reporting of open-ended absences with new attributes.

Time And Labor:

  • OTBI reporting with validation messages from time entry rules.
  • Linking processed and reported time cards to HCM subjects.

Global Payroll:

  • Uploading data files/spreadsheets through payroll flows for conversion into HDL formats.
  • Element Security Profile restrictions applied to additional payroll features.
  • REST services for managing payroll element definition and input value list of values.


  • Invoice Holds REST APIs: Manage invoice holds and releases with reason codes.
  • Rate Overrides: Define unique bill and cost rates using REST APIs.
  • Project Billing Reports: Generate WIP (work in progress) reports using OTBI.
Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Inventory Management:

  • OTBI reporting with Unique Device Identifier for lot/serial numbers.
  • Monitoring transfer orders with OTBI's Transfer Order Initial Requested Quantity.
  • Automating sales order backorder cancellation and enforcing single shipment attributes.
  • Real-time cost analysis with supply chain cost rollup in OTBI.
  • Reporting additional co-products and by-products in standard manufacturing work orders.
  • New OTBI subject area for insights into period-end accruals (indirect procurement costs).


  • Manage Minimum Transfer Quantity attribute using spreadsheets and REST services.
  • OTBI reporting with Minimum Transfer Quantity for work order performance.
  • Work Order Material Transactions REST API for reporting outputs in standard work orders.
  • OTBI reports with Unique Device Identifier for analyzing work orders and transaction history.


  • Redwood page configuration with business rules using Visual Builder Studio.
  • Real-time self-service reporting for work requirements, warranties, etc. using OTBI.
  • Integrated warranty solution for defining coverage templates and managing asset warranties.

Order Management:

  • Redwood page configuration with business rules using Visual Builder Studio.
  • Updates to Supply Chain Planning FBDI templates (ATP Rules, Bill of Materials, etc.).


  • New REST resources for Purchase Agreements, Purchase Agreement Lines, Import Requests, etc.
  • OTBI reporting on compliance checklists related to purchasing documents.
  • Specifying additional supplier contact emails for purchase orders and OTBI reporting.

Opkey is here to assist you with your Oracle update journey. Our comprehensive Advisory guide for Oracle Cloud 24B assists you in seamlessly integrating these updates into your environment while mitigating the risk of disrupting existing business processes.

Opkey's Test Automation Platform

Opkey a robust and intuitive AI platform tailored for Oracle Cloud environments, has been meticulously crafted to streamline the testing process. Opkey ensures comprehensive coverage of your critical business processes, minimizing the risk of disruptions during the 24B update and optimizing your transition to the latest functionalities.  

Prior to updates, Opkey provides a detailed advisory document that describes the specific changes to be expected & how to deal with them. Our Impact Analysis reports compare as-is and to-be processes, highlighting major changes that need to be evaluated.  

Opkey allows you to confidently embrace the 24B release and leverage its potential to enhance your Oracle Cloud experience.

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