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Oracle Cloud 24A Release: All You Need to Know
Oracle Cloud 24A Release
With the new updates coming in, see how Test Automation can help in overcoming testing challenges.

Oracle Cloud 24A Release: All You Need to Know

January 11, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

It’s that time again! Oracle Cloud is releasing yet another update, designed to ensure that Oracle users are equipped with the latest features, improved functionality, and fortified security.  

The Oracle 24A release brings improvements in the Financials, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management modules.  

Opkey is here to guide and empower Oracle users with a smooth update process. This blog explores the changes that are coming to your environment, as well as the best strategic decisions that you can make in order to test seamlessly. Let's dive in!

For detailed information about the release, we encourage you to read our advisory document on the Oracle 24A Release.

What's New in the Oracle 24A Release?

Human Capital Management  
  • Global Human Resources adds journey editing, extended task expiry, Oracle Grow template integration, and new task types. The Redwood experience includes VBS-developed pages, mass download filters, and updates to employment processes, positions, and compensation features.
  • Talent Management in Redwood introduces AI-driven profile creation, feedback generation, Succession Management features, Best Features for talent pools, and AI-enabled goal creation and performance evaluation enhancements.
  • Recruiting introduces AI enhancements and internal candidate experience improvements. Talent Management adds Suggested Successors and Best Features in Redwood Succession planning. Goal Management incorporates AI-enabled goal creation. Opportunity Marketplace introduces new features, while Learning brings automated recommendations and additional features.
  • Absence Management, Time and Labor, and Payroll see multiple enhancements and redesigned pages in Redwood Experience.
  • Common Financials streamlines ledger entries and tax integration. Payables enhances reporting with Exception Report, dynamic discounting, multilingual IDR, and an improved Holds Infotile. Expenses evaluate resubmitted expenses.
  • Receivables enable sweeping and automatic tax registration assignment. General Ledger introduces Attachments Audit, secondary ledger functions, automatic journal generation, and direct Subledger transfer.
  • Fixed Assets enhance duties segregation, display merged costs, and add a Terminate Leases field. Budgetary Control improves procurement and grants budget managers update access to the Budget Monitor.
Supply Chain Management  

The Oracle Cloud 24A update improves Supply Chain Management, Procurement, External Purchases, Item Replacement, Supplier Model, Sourcing, Limited Availability, Supplier Qualification Management, and Procurement Contracts.

Some Technical Updates

The 24A update brings HCM enhancements, recruiting improvements, Talent Management additions, learning updates, Absence Management changes, and a new subject area in Workforce Scheduling. Global Payroll expands attributes.

The Oracle 24A release comes with more features and enhancements in Financials, SCM, and HCM.  

Check out Opkey's Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 24A Release to get complete details on these updates.

Opkey for Oracle Cloud Testing: Oracle 24A

As a certified Oracle partner, Opkey helps businesses validate new releases seamlessly with AI-enabled testing features that unlock the full potential of your Oracle environment.  

Opkey specializes in providing reduced test cycles and achieving improved test coverage, making ERP testing quick and easy.  

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