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Everything you need to know about the Oracle Cloud 22B Release

Everything You Need to Know about the Oracle Cloud 22B Release

April 26, 2022
Iffat Ara Khanam

What's new in the Oracle Fusion 22B Release

This blog series will explain everything you need to know about Oracle Cloud’s 22B release

With Oracle’s 22A release getting delayed, 22B is certainly a big patch upgrade. While we described the delay in detail here, let’s now jump into the new functionalities, features, and enhancements that this 22B Oracle update will bring to users.

Advisory document
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22b new features correspond to  SCM, Financials & HCM modules,  and these changes are all pushed through the Oracle Cloud 22B release.

This post gives a high-level overview of the procurement, financials, and HCM modules, and subsequent posts will provide more details on each one of these.

22B Update- what’s new in Procurement Module


  • The Oracle Cloud 22B update includes additional attributes such as Supplier Name, Document Totals, and Document Descriptions in your purchasing document approval notification titles.

Supplier Model

  • The Oracle Cloud 22B release enables you to streamline B2B document sharing with intelligent Oracle business network connectivity, in the supplier self-service registration.

Additional features can be found in the Item Replacement, External Purchase Prices, Sourcing,  Supplier Qualification Management , Spend Classification, Procurement Contracts, Channel Revenue Management, and the Supplier Channel Management modules.

What’s New in the Financials Module


  • Copy the invoice recognition adaptive learning data from one environment to another, while using Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) to process supplier invoices.
  • Use the interactive invoice viewer to correct lines information for invoices processed using IDR. IDR then uses adaptive learning to improve line recognition on subsequent invoices from the same supplier.


  • Run the Receivables Aging by General Ledger Account and Multi-fund Accounting report from Scheduled Processes. Generate a consolidated report for all balancing segments, and review the report from the output section of the process.

More features and functionality from the Oracle fusion 22B release can be found in the following financial modules: Taxes, Asset and Lease Management, Accounting and Control, Budgetary Control Region and Country-Specific Features, Receivables and Cash, and more.

Check out Opkey’s Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 22B Release to get complete details on the 22B updates.

What’s new in the HCM Module


Absence Management

  • Improved Absence analysis for employees whose HR data has been changed.
  • New dashboard for managers that displays information on the approval notification page, itself, to approve absences.
  • Easily retrieve data to reconcile the absence records with payments made.

Talent management

  • Goal Administrators can now limit the number of non-private goals in a goal plan.
  • The ability to track progress for each learning item.
  • The Talent Review template is redesigned to include only those ratings that need to be configured, instead of including all the ratings that are delivered.

Additional features and functionalities were added to HCM Common Features, HCM Common Architecture,  Payroll, HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader, Workforce Structures, and Workforce Directory Management modules.

Test Guidance from Opkey

We know that Oracle customers only have 2 short weeks to ensure that existing business processes won’t be adversely affected by these changes.

Watch this webinar to learn Everything you need to know about the 22b Oracle release Oracle’s upcoming release, and be confident that your business will be prepared.

Opkey’s full proof testing strategy is here to help to successfully navigate this Oracle Cloud 22B update.

Opkey’s pre-built library of 5,000+ Oracle Cloud test cases provides a comprehensive series of automated tests that you can instantly apply to your environment, saving you time, money, and effort on the release cycle. Additionally, Opkey provides…

  • Detailed reports on everything that will impact, and what new features to prioritize
  • A full risk assessment of your business processes against the Oracle Cloud 22B update
  • End-to-end business process flows across SCM module
  • End-to-end business process flows across Financials module
  • End-to-end business process flows across HCM module
  • Primary/Alternate use-case scenarios
  • Oracle Cloud’s Security tests
  • Integration tests

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your organization navigate Oracle’s 22B update.

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