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Everything you need to know about the Oracle Cloud 22C Release

Everything you need to know about the Oracle Cloud 22C Release

July 15, 2022
Iffat Ara Khanam

Oracle’s 22C Quarterly update has arrived with new features and enhancements for Oracle users. With each Oracle update, organizations need a robust testing plan to take full advantage of the new features that Oracle has rolled out and assure that none of their critical business processes will break. This blog will give a high-level overview of all impacted modules and functionalities for Oracle Cloud’s Financials, SCM and HCM, and provide you with test guidance for the Oracle Cloud 22C release.

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Oracle’s 22C new features correspond to Financials, Procurement, HCM modules,  and these changes are all pushed through the Oracle Cloud 22C release.

Oracle Cloud 22C updates in the Financials module

Payables: New Feature

  • Customers now have a feature in the Oracle Cloud Financials 22C Release to help track the sender of the invoice document and additional information in an email. Intelligent document recognition converts information into email attachments for supplier invoices.


  • The collection manager is assisted in dispute creation through performing actions (read, edit, or delete) on attachments that belong to any attachment category (dispute or collection).

 General Ledger

  • Oracle has introduced an additional search criteria radio button in the Oracle Cloud 22C update to help you search by the segment value description when inquiring on account balances in the Inquire on Detail Balances page.

More features and functionality from the Oracle fusion 22C release can be found in the following financial modules: Taxes, Asset and Lease Management, Accounting and Control, Receivables and Cash, and more.

Oracle Cloud 22C Updates in the Procurement/SCM Module


  • Furthering the Oracle Cloud 22B update, users can add a back-to-back requisition line to an existing open purchase order instead of creating a separate purchase order for the requisition.

Supplier Model

  • The Oracle Cloud 22C update allows users to configure the sender name/email in supplier management notifications.
  • Users can maintain multiple supplier emails for communicating purchase orders.


  • Oracle Cloud 22C update allows users to configure the sender name/email in sourcing notifications.

Additional features were added to: Item Replacement, External Purchase Prices, Sourcing, Supplier Qualification Management, Spend Classification, Procurement Contracts, Channel Revenue Management, and the Supplier Channel Management modules.

Check out Opkey's Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 22C Release to get complete details on these SCM updates.

Oracle Cloud 22C Updates in the HCM Module

Talent Management

  • The Oracle Cloud 22C update has introduced Business Title LOV on both the Goals page and in performance management.

Absence Management

  • The Oracle Cloud 22C update provides the ability to configure absence types to automatically reprocess absences when an employee’s work schedule changes across the HCM.
  • Under the Absence Plan Setup page, a new option titled “No Carryover” has been added to the Carryover Limit Rule and the “None” option has been renamed as “No Limit”.

Time and Labor

  • Semi-monthly time cards have been introduced with the Oracle Cloud 22C release.
  • Time cards have been integrated to cancel work relationships in Global HR.

Additional features and functionalities were added to: HCM Common Features, Global HR, HCM Common Architecture, Payroll, HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader, Workforce Structures, and Workforce Directory Management modules.

Test Guidance from Opkey

Opkey’s robust testing strategy is here to help successfully navigate the Oracle Cloud 22C update. Opkey's pre-built library of over 5,000 test cases provides a comprehensive set of automated tests that you can instantly apply to your environment, saving you time, money and effort on the release cycle. Additionally, Opkey provides:

  • Detailed impact analysis reports on everything impacted and the new features to prioritize
  • A full risk assessment of your business processes against the Oracle Cloud 22C release
  • End-to-end business process flows across the Financials module
  • End-to-end business process flows across the Oracle Cloud SCM module
  • End-to-end business process flows across the HCM module
  • Primary/Alternate use-case scenarios
  • Oracle Cloud’s Security tests
  • Integration/Regression tests

We understand that two weeks are not enough time for most organizations to test all their critical business processes, workflows, and security roles manually. With Opkey’s test automation platform, you can successfully navigate through the Oracle Cloud 22C with less time, money, and effort.

And if you want to see how Opkey can manage these updates for you–so you don’t have to lift a finger–check out our Oracle Quarterly Updates Managed Service.

And watch our on-demand webinar, Everything you need to know about Oracle’s upcoming release, to better prepare your business for the update.

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