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#1 Continuous Oracle Cloud Testing
Platform for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps

Not just testing.. Its Business Assurance

Real Time change
Impact Analytics
AI powered
Self Healing Tests

One-Week Certification for
Oracle Cloud Updates

Ensure Full business continuity and make your business
"Update-Proof" with OpKey’s fully automated
managed cloud update certification program

How our managed certification program works

Program executed by us our implementation partners

Full ownership of certifying your Oracle cloud applications against quarterly platform Updates

Giving you a Zero Worry business continuity assurance

Detailed test execution report and dashboards

OpKey provides detailed OTBI reports and automated test execution reports

Full step level traceability and high def screenshots

Business Process certification report for all your business processes

100% Auditable Reports

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Realtime Impact Analysis

Visualize the impact of every config change or Oracle
Quarterly updates on your Business continuity
and Test cases at a click of a button

Optimal Regression coverage analysis

Quickly Identify the Test cases needed to be run for every change

Cover the change risks for all applications in ecosystem

100% test coverage – each time, every time

AI based Self Healing

Review the changes highlighted in impact report

Leverage AI to automatically heal scripts for the valid changes

90% reduction in Test Maintenance

Ready To Start Oracle cloud Testing With opKey?

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Accelerate Testing and Monitoring of your
Oracle Cloud’s Security

Outpace any compliance breach or unexpected actions by continuously
testing your security tests minimizing your Security Validation time by over 90%

Validating your Job Role’s Security

An exceptionally common misconception is that out-of-the-box (seeded) roles can never get modified however, the reality is that these roles get provisioned to different roles and privileges and 1 Security Role contains about 500 Function/Data security privileges to them which is impossible to validate manually with 100's of roles together

OpKey's Security Validation Tool has been developed by a dedicated team of Oracle experts and data analytics experts which provides:

100% Compliance Report for Security Roles Validation with Function/Data Security changes

Comprehensive Auditable Report with Seeded/Custom level Role's Addition/Modification/Removal Stats

Validating Segregation of Duties

OpKey’s Security Validation showcases any mismatch between the assigned accesses and configured accesses and provides a detailed comparison report to its users based on

Action and Field- level Security Configurations

Your security groups are being provided or prevented access to secured functional areas/fields accurately

No user in your Oracle Apps workforce can see data that’s off limits

When to run your Security Tests

Ideally OpKey recommends Regression test your security as often as possible. However, there are some important periods during Oracle Cloud’s life of system when comprehensive security testing is critical

OpKey's Security Validation Tool has been developed by a dedicated team of Oracle experts and data analytics experts which provides:

Oracle Cloud’s Quarterly Updates

Any Organizational Restructuring

Post Instance Refresh

Configurations Cloning to different Instances

Maintenance Packs/Patch post Bug Fixes/New ER’s

Accelerating Audits By Securing your Oracle Cloud System

Most organizations rely on enterprise SaaS systems like Oracle Cloud Applications to manage their HR and Finance processes, then it’s likely that large portions of your audit data will originate from this system.

OpKey’s Security Validation testing empowers companies to test their processes and controls with greater depth and speed and provides with 100% compliant and audit friendly testing evidences eliminating any risk around the Oracle Cloud system that underpin your business.

Oracle Cloud's Report Data Integrity Validation
by OpKey Surge

Significantly reduce testing effort and faster your
change-to-test cycle with OpKey’s Data Integrity solution

Oracle's Seeded Reports Come Out of the Box

OpKey is dedicated to resolve the challenges of validating Data Integrity by allowing customers to run a before and after change comparison of their report data files.

8 Oracle Cloud Reports come out of the box like Payroll Activity/Register Report along with critical Financial Reports

Easy to use solution to extend and scale to multiple different custom reports as well across different modules

Data Integrity Solution by OpKey is also easily extensible to other ERP’s as well like Workday, SAP, Salesforce etc

Mitigate Risk Post Releases and Updates

Major releases, configuration changes, patching, or any other modification or tuning of applications can bear the risk of a negative impact on your production environment if not tested properly.

On an average 200 Reports get tested every quarter

Data impacts directly affect our financial statements, payrolls for thousands of employees and high priority data calculations.

New Businesses hinges upon the accuracy of data underlying our processes

OpKey saves its Oracle Cloud customers hundreds of hours of effort in validating these reports data in minutes, looking at thousands of tables/rows to ensure data integrity post any change.

Transformational Reporting and Audit Advantage

OpKey’s transformational data analytics for before and after changes provides end to end visibility with predictive and interactive display of reporting

Combination of different levels of data hierarchy like multiple Reconciliation types, Employee and Department sections etc

Advanced data visualization including pie charts, histograms, interactive gauges, combo charts, and much more

Quick variance across all data elements and interactive UI showcasing details till drill down level

Easy downloadable reports in multiple formats to be shared across relevant teams and presented for Audit evidences as well



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Powering Oracle EBS Test Automation with OpKey Accelerator

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