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Oracle Cloud HCM 24A Release: What's New?
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Oracle Cloud HCM 24A Release: What's New?

January 23, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

The Oracle 24A release is a pivotal step forward for the ever-evolving landscape of Human Capital Management (HCM). The 24A release promises a suite of new features and enhancements designed to empower HR professionals, streamline processes, and elevate the overall employee experience.

What’s new in Human Capital Management with Oracle Cloud 24A?
Let’s find out.

For detailed information on what’s new in Oracle 24A for HCM, we encourage you to read our advisory document on the Oracle 24A Release.

Global Human Resources: What’s new in Oracle 24A?

A quick note:
  • Edit assigned journey tasks directly from the My Tasks tab.
  • Set expiry duration of journey tasks up to 365 days.
  • Add created journey templates to Oracle Grow.
  • Create Learn Enrollment and Learn Community tasks within Journeys app.
  • Introducing Redwood experience with VBS-developed pages, including Document Types and Records, Assignment Changes, Mass Downloads, and new Redwood Processes.
  • Enhanced features like filters for mass downloads, position overrides, and a new "My Spotlight" page for consolidated employment details.
  • Note: Personal info sharing access to be removed in Update 24B, and Checklists and Onboarding tasks to be replaced in "Journeys" in Update 24D.
Advisory Document for Oracle Cloud’s 24A Release

Compensation and Talent Management: What’s new in Oracle 24A release note?

  • Workforce compensation now utilizes Standard working hours from Global HR.
  • Redwood experience enhancements include recreated pages for Compensation, Talent Management, Succession Management, Goal Management, and Performance Management.
  • AI-assisted features for defining job profiles, writing feedback, suggesting successors, creating goals, and generating performance comments in Redwood.
  • Streamlined evaluation tasks and feedback processes with redesigned pages in Redwood VBS.

Recruiting: What’s new in Oracle 24A release note?

Users can automate category tile creation, leverage the Job Fit Metrics Bar, enhance candidate self-service features, customize button sizes, utilize Oracle Maps, and experience redesigned Employee Self Service Flows in Redwood version, among various other improvements.

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Leaning and Absence Management: What’s new in Oracle 24A release note?

Users can bookmark Learning Items in HCM Journeys, receive automated skill-based recommendations, benefit from Microsoft Outlook integration, and enjoy various enhancements in Absence Management, including configurable accrual options and a redesigned Redwood experience for absence entry pages.

Payroll: What’s new in Oracle 24A release note?

Users can override legislative calculation values, retrieve information using database views, update selective absence entitlement records in Payroll, secure element access with HCM Data Roles, distribute payroll costs to Project Financial Management, and experience redesigned pages in the Redwood Experience across various global regions.

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