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Oracle Cloud SCM 24A Release: What's New?
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Oracle Cloud SCM 24A Release: What's New?

January 23, 2024
Sohaib Zaidi

Does your organization use Oracle Cloud Supply Chain? If so, you must be aware that the 24A release is here. These non-optional releases are essential for ensuring that your environment is updated with the latest features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Whether you're an application owner, administrator, or end user, you might be wondering about what changes Oracle is bringing with this latest release.  

Opkey’s got you covered. This blog will provide a high-level summary of the new features that come with the Oracle SCM 24A release. We'll also emphasize why thorough testing is crucial for the Oracle 24A release rollout and how Opkey’s No-Code test automation platform can enable the easiest update yet.  

Want to see more detailed information about the Oracle 24A Release? Download the complete 24A Advisory here.

Oracle SCM 24A Release Notes: What’s New in Technical Updates?

Supply Chain Orchestration
  • Manually reduce or cancel the quantity that remains open on a transfer order or purchase order even when only part of the supply is available. Reduce the errors that might come up when you make these adjustments.
  • Add post processing days to the supply's requested delivery date when you modify the sales order's scheduled ship date. Use this feature to help you reliably meet that ship date in your back-to-back flow.
  • Project-Driven Supply Chain
    • Check for funds availability, reserve funds against control budgets, and account for encumbrances, if applicable, when procuring material to an inventory destination for sponsored or non-sponsored projects. This capability is also available when procuring material directly to a work order destination from a project-specific manufacturing or maintenance work order.
  • Procurement Checklists
    • Create compliance checklists to collect and track the completion of compliance documentation required for audit purposes. You can reference compliance checklists on purchasing documents and their associated change documents.
Self Service Procurement
  • You can now view the list of approvers for requisitions pending approval in the Responsive Self Service Procurement application. With this feature, you can review the most recent status of the approval process for your requisition and take the appropriate action required to complete the approval process.
  • In addition to checking for funds availability & you can now view the outcome details, while creating a requisition in the Responsive Self-Service Procurement application.
Inventory Management
  • Now you can use query by example functionality to search your category names before defining or editing the counts per year and positive or negative variance percentages in the “Define Items in Item Categories” step of the cycle count definition.
  • By this, more accurate adjustment values will appear depending on the various valuation structures set in Cost Management.
  • To comply with the tax authority regulations of Portugal, you can now generate and print a unique QR code on your packing slip, bills of lading, and commercial invoice for your drop-ship orders.
  • This feature provides you more control over exactly which shipping documents are included in the signature process for reporting to the Portuguese tax authority to assist in maintaining compliance with the appropriate regulations.
  • Redwood Experience
  • Users who receive goods in the Oracle Responsive Self-Service Receiving application can now view their inbound shipment details on a newly redesigned page.

Wanting to learn more details about Oracle Cloud SCM 24A? Read our comprehensive Advisory Document for Oracle Fusion Cloud’s 24A Release.

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Why Testing Is Critical with Each Oracle Quarterly Update

Oracle updates have the potential to negatively impact existing configurations and integrations. Thoroughly testing each Oracle quarterly update is recommended. We advise test automation because it is a difficult undertaking to manually test these improvements in just two weeks.  

Enjoy Hassle Free Oracle Cloud Update Certification in Just 3 Days

Opkey is the leading No-Code test automation platform. Using Opkey can majorly expedite your Oracle Cloud quarterly update certifications, cutting them from weeks to only 3 days. Before each update, Opkey runs a comprehensive series of automated tests to validate the features being released against your environment. Leveraging these tests, Opkey tells you clearly what changes in your transactions, configurations, and custom screens. The platform then identifies the testing impacts due to those changes and generates the necessary tests. It comes with 7,000+ pre-built tests for Oracle Cloud, as well as being a certified Oracle partner and the highest-rated app in the Oracle Cloud marketplace.  

Opkey’s predictive impact analysis engine takes all the guesswork out of determining what needs to be tested before changes are deployed to your Oracle Cloud apps. Instead of testing all cases, you only need to test cases that are highly risky and their dependent components. This eliminates hours of manual effort and struggle.    

These tests should thoroughly validate:

  • The health of the builds in a simulated existing customer environment.
  • Successful execution of tests in a simulated new customer environment.
  • End-to-end business process flows.
  • Primary use-case scenarios.
  • Alternate use-case scenarios.
  • Oracle Cloud’s security tests.
  • Reports and integration tests.
  • Additional scenarios derived from design specifications.
Test Automation with Opkey
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