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Test Data Management: What You Need to Know

February 23, 2022
Sohaib Zaidi

Testing & QA teams are always looking for new ways to optimize their testing processes by increasing test coverage and decreasing testing efforts. One such area that requires optimization is test data management (TDM). TDM is crucial because the quality of your testing is only as good as the quality of your data.

In enterprise applications such as Oracle Cloud Apps, identifying qualified test data for processes such as Procure to Pay or Order to Cash can be excruciating. This is largely because while the best quality test data can be obtained from production, it’s typically not available due to compliance and legal concerns. To avoid compliance breaching Testing & QA teams must consider TDM solutions.

What is Test Data Management?

Test data can be any information--either static or transactional--that is used as an input to execute tests. Test Data Management is all about identifying the correct test data, and ensuring the data set is available in the right combination, in the right format, at the right time, and at the right place.

Significance of Test Data Management

TDM solutions are gaining significant importance in the testing industry as they greatly reduce the time it takes to collect and organize test data. A quality TDM solution also reduces defects in the data, and enables organizations to increase their test coverage while decreasing testing costs.

Main Challenges in Test Data Management

  • Testing teams have inadequate and incomplete test data
  • Testing teams may not have access to data sources
  • Testing teams get slow response from development teams, due to other priorities
  • Large volumes of data may be needed, but QA teams don’t have the appropriate tools or skill sets to manage so much data
  • Testers often spend significant time and effort in communicating with architects, database admins, and business analysts to gather data, rather than focusing on actual testing
  • The provided data is often sensitive, and thus unsuitable for testing purposes
  • Huge volumes of data are needed to be analysed in a short time-frame.

The Current State of Test Data Management For Automation Testing

One of the biggest bottlenecks in test automation is the creation of test data. Typically, test data is created through hours-long sessions with business users, where they map out their process flows in large, complex Excel files. The process is monotonous and long, and as such, is typically rife with human error. As you can imagine, data like this is not optimal for test automation. 

Opkey’s TDM solution For Test Automation

Opkey leverages a patent pending Test Mining technology to autonomously mine test data from the client’s environment, and ensures it’s in the correct format. Opkey can autonomously mine Master Data Details such as Chart of Account, Employee, Customers, Item, Supplier, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, and more, which can reduce QA teams’ Data Collection efforts by up to 40%. The quality of this data is defect-free and immutable.

Opkey’s test data management solution is highly effective in scenarios when QA teams need to execute multiple testing cycles during an EBS to Cloud migration, or in executing regression testing for Oracle’s quarterly updates. In short, Opkey’s TDM solution saves companies time and money by ensuring their test data is always ready for Oracle testing.

Want to know more about Opkey’s Test Data Management, feel free to contact us.

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