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Key Benefits of Upgrading from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Key Benefits of Upgrading from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

February 9, 2022
Sohaib Zaidi

There are numerous reasons to move to the cloud – greater business agility, lower operating costs, and higher efficiency. Customers can reap these benefits by moving from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). By migrating to Oracle Cloud, customers will have access to Oracle’s entire technology stack in the cloud, just as they did in on-premises deployments, along with some additional benefits.

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Why upgrade to OCI?

Before describing the benefits of upgrading to OCI ask yourself:

“How did my last EBS update go?”

“Were there any budget overruns?”

“Was it delayed?”

“How many customized objects did I have to deal with?”

These questions will surely remind you of the pains that are associated with Oracle EBS updates.

Some other issues with EBS upgrades include:

  • Expensive and time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Large amounts of custom objects that are difficult to manage, track, and update.
  • Rapidly aging infrastructures that contribute to your overall technology debt.
  • Disconnected, dirty, and disparate enterprise data that is hard to normalize and leverage in real-time.
  • Inadequate core reporting and analytics that often require expensive third-party solutions.

Migration to OCI will not only solve the above mentioned issues, but also offers additional benefits which are listed below.

Cost savings

Undoubtedly, hardware is expensive to buy, configure, and maintain. With OCI, enterprises can achieve significant cost savings as OCI offers competitive and flexible pricing with the option to pay month to month as an operating expense, rather than as a capital expense to be paid up front. Since Oracle takes care of patching and security enhancements, enterprises can save significant amounts of money that they otherwise would have to spend on infrastructure and resources to maintain data centers.


Enterprises can easily add or remove computing power with OCI, as their business needs change. Enhancing compute power and capacity with OCI can be done in a matter of minutes, as compared to EBS, where scaling up takes weeks or months, as more hardware is required.

Seamless security

OCI offers advanced security features such as superior customer isolation, protection against internet threats, and a threat remediation technology that keeps your corporate data safe and secure.

Furthermore, OCI offers granular role-based access controls, which allow customers to implement specific security rules to different departments on a per-project, per-person, or per-group basis.

Future proof

Oracle OCI has next-gen architecture that’s designed to address future innovations with continuous innovation. With OCI, enterprises get optimal performance, better pricing and security, and enhanced compatibility for enterprise workloads. By supporting new technologies such as machine learning, AI, blockchain, intelligent process automation (IPA), the internet of things, new human interfaces, etc, OCI makes enterprises future-proof.

Ease to implement, migrate, & integrate

On-premise EBS customers can migrate to OCI without requiring significant configuration, integration, or business process changes. Oracle offers several tools that support migration and ensures thatyour Oracle databases and business applications continue to run seamlessly in the cloud.

Options for deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprises can subscribe to Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform to gain access to all the computing, storage, and network services associated with OCI. Also, enterprises can subscribe to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DB System or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata DB System and take advantage of the specific features and capabilities of these offerings.

Methods of deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Deploy the application and the database tiers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute virtual machines
  • Deploy the application tier to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute virtual machines and the database tier to DBaaS
  • Deploy the application tier to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute virtual machines and the database tier to Oracle RAC

However, with these beneficial upgrades to OCI, comes a lot of risk, as new business processes need to be created and tested throughout the cloud migration process. Opkey is here to ensure that your migration is seamless, with 100% test coverage ensuring you eliminate any risk of business processes breaking during your migration, ensuring that you stay within your migration timeline and budget. You can keep your pre, during, and post migration risks at a minimum with Opkey's Comprehensive Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Migration Testing Strategy.

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