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What is Oracle HCM Cloud?

What is Oracle HCM Cloud?

May 4, 2022
Sohaib Zaidi

Oracle HCM Cloud (Human Capital Management) is a globally recognized end-to-end HR solution that helps enterprises manage every stage of the employee lifecycle, and was named as a leader in the Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud HCM Suites.

The majority of organizations using on-premise HR systems are now looking to migrate to the cloud. The reason is simple; on-premise systems are complex and expensive to manage. They often offer inconsistent and disjointed experiences to employees and are not built for mobile devices. Oracle HCM is natively built for the cloud and offers a consistent experience across all devices, leading to seamless HR experiences for employees and enabling HR leaders to make data-driven decisions.

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What are the Oracle HCM modules?

  • Global HR
  • Talent management
  • Workforce rewards
  • Workforce management
  • Work life solutions

Top reasons enterprises are moving to Oracle HCM Cloud

  1. On-premise HR systems are extremely complicated to manage. Your IT team is responsible for handling customizations, integrations, and maintenance of hardware and middleware. On the other hand, Oracle HCM Cloud is far easier to manage. Natively built for the cloud, this app is easy for non-technical HR professionals to configure their environments and make changes, without IT resources.
  2. It can be challenging to find relevant information and actionable insights with on-premise systems because they are siloed. Oracle HCM Cloud unifies data and offers real-time information to key decision makers so they can make better, data-driven decisions.
  3. Typically, on-premise HR systems fail to seamlessly connect with talent management, recruiting, payroll, financials, expenses, procurement, supply chain, and customer experience. This leads to a disjointed user experience, and the lack of verified data can lead to business risk. Oracle HCM Cloud is an end-to-end solution that includes HR, finance, supply chain, sales, and marketing. You will have complete visibility and maintain strict compliance with Oracle HCM Cloud.
  4. Continuous innovation is not supported by on-premise systems; updating them is extremely tedious and labor-intensive. Alternatively, Oracle pushes updates to Oracle HCM Cloud quarterly to ensure your HR system is up-to-date with most the most cutting-edge features.

Oracle Cloud HCM and the importance of testing

While Oracle Cloud HCM gets updated quarterly—meaning your organization will constantly benefit from new features and functionality—it is vital that your organization has a proper testing process in place to make sure nothing goes wrong during these update cycles. Quarterly updates means that you’ll get new features and enhancements 4x a year. Each update requires at least two rounds of testing–once in the test environment and once in the production environment.

If you’re looking to migrate to Oracle Cloud HCM, you must understand:

  1. Regression testing must be performed 8x a year (at minimum) due to Oracle’s quarterly updates. This is nearly impossible to achieve manually.
  2. Oracle HCM apps are dynamic in nature. This means any test automation tool like Selenium that uses fixed elements to control a screen cannot be used to automate tests for Oracle HCM. Even a minor change in UI can lead to test failures.

If you’re implementing Oracle Cloud HCM greenfield, you must understand:

  1. A clear scope of Oracle HCM Cloud testing is crucial for a successful implementation. Too much testing can lead the implementation going over time and over budget, and not enough testing can expose your business to serious risk. According to Oracle, more than 80% of implementations go over time and/or budget.
  2. Typically, non-technical business users like analysts and functional consultants create test scenarios, while technical employees create automation scripts. This makes test case creation a time-consuming and costly affair, involving multiple groups of employees.

Whether you’re implementing a fresh Oracle HCM Cloud system or migrating from an on-premise system to the Cloud, you cannot underestimate the importance of testing.

Eliminate the burden of Oracle HCM testing with Opkey

Opkey is the industry’s leading AI-powered Oracle HCM test automation platform that ensures your migration/implementation is complete on time and within budget. Going forward, Opkey enables you to navigate Oracle’s quarterly updates with ease.

Oracle HCM Cloud implementation / migration benefits with Opkey :

  1. Clear testing scope: Opkey auto-discovers the scope of your testing needs by highlighting business-critical functions to ensuring they are tested first.
  2. Business process mapping: Opkey’s pre-built mapping templates highlight your exact test coverage in Oracle HCM Cloud to ensure a safe and fast implementation.
  3. Pre-built test assets: Opkey largely alleviates the burden of test creation with more than 6,000 pre-built Oracle tests.
  4. No-code test automation: Opkey leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), allowing business users to create test cases in plain language. This enables non-technical employees to create and automate tests, without the need of IT.

For quarterly updates, Opkey’s Oracle HCM Cloud automated testing provides:

  1. Update Impact Analysis: Opkey tells you exactly what will change between your as-is and to-be processes, and ensures that your most impacted processes are tested first.
  2. Smart regression: Based on impacted areas, Opkey’s AI-powered test engines recommend the minimum number of test scripts to be run when an Oracle HCM Cloud update comes to your test environment.
  3. Self-healing: Opkey’s automatically identifies changes in the screen/flow or element locators, and fixes them without human intervention. This helps reduce test maintenance efforts by more than 70%.
  4. End-to-end testing: Opkey supports 12+ packaged apps and 150+ technologies, and alerts you whenever middleware, custom integrations, or 3rd party applications are at risk.
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