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Workday Feature Release 2023R2: What You Need to Know
Workday 2024R2 Release
Want to learn how Opkey can help in risk-free roll-out of Workday 2024R2 Release?

Workday Feature Release 2023R2: What You Need to Know

August 16, 2023
Iffat Ara Khanam

Workday is a Cloud-based ERP that streamlines important workflows in your core business activities, such as HR, Payroll, and Finance. Workday releases mandatory Weekly Service updates and biannual Feature releases. The most recent is Workday Feature Release 2023R2, which brings new enhancements for the Human Capital Management and Financials modules.

So what’s the big deal? Testing Workday's biannual updates is not always simple, especially with business processes on the line. You'll need a robust Workday testing plan to ensure that your business processes are unaffected.

This blog will give a high-level summary of all impacted functionalities for the Financials, and HCM modules.

For detailed information about the release, we encourage you to read our advisory document on the Workday 2023R2 Release.

Workday’s Feature Release 2023R2: What’s New?

Overview of Workday 2023R2 Updates in Human Capital Management Module      


  • The use of Workday Docs has been expanded in the Compensation business process. You can now add ‘Generate Document’ step to compensation business process.
  • A new field, ‘’All Skills for worker’’ has been added to Bonus and Stock during compensation review process.


  • A new task, “Manage Dependent Verification Status “ has been delivered by Workday to mass update the verification status of dependents.
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Talent Management 

  • Workday now provides employees the option to replace parts of their talent profile with the information that they enter in their internal job application, making it easier and more efficient for them to update their talent information while applying for a new role.

Workforce Management

  • With this update, you can now configure the time offs for selling so that workers can sell off their time offs. With this, workers can now manage their time off and get paid when they sell it.

 Overview of Workday 2023R2 Updates in the Financials Module

  • You can now net off the total invoice amount between two companies that issue direct intercompany supplier or customer invoices and settle once instead of settling for each company.
  • Transaction Tax can now be populated  on your customer invoices and cash sales using web services.

 Adaptive Planning

  • You can now import larger volumes of Journal Lines data from Workday Financials into Workday Adaptive Planning.
  • You can now create positions directly from the approved headcount plans.

The Workday 2023R2 Feature Release comes with more features and enhancements in Financials and HCM. 

Opkey for Workday Testing

Opkey specializes in Workday update testing. We’ve guided a multinational construction enterprise, one of the largest building, design, and construction company, into an entirely new reality of Workday biannual updates. (They reduced test cycle times by 80% and testing costs by 60% with our test automation platform.)

Opkey enables our customers to quickly expand their test coverage with over 2,000 pre-built Workday test cases. Opkey includes an Impact Analysis report with each Workday release that details which business processes and tests are affected by the update. With Opkey's fast self-healing script technology, customers can immediately repair broken test cases, reducing test maintenance work by 80%.

The final perk? Opkey's end-to-end testing platform ensures that these end-to-end business processes continue to work after any configuration change or update. 

Your test coverage. Assured. 

Happy testing!

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