Customer Success Story: Workday

May 17, 2023
Iffat Ara Khanam

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Workday is a Cloud-based ERP solution developed in 2005 with the goal of providing seamless HCM and finance systems for business users across the globe. Workday has evolved into a respected choice for company operations and workforce productivity. 

Workday releases two major updates per year. These have the potential to impact and disrupt your critical business processes. It is therefore crucial to test your Workday tenants in the new release environment to ensure that everything works as expected when the update goes live.

Testing your Workday tenant might raise a number of challenges. Will you be able to complete the update testing on time and on budget? Will the configuration of your business processes be accurate? Can you make sure that your third-party applications properly interact with Workday?

One of Opkey’s customers, Lendlease, was struggling with these same challenges. 

Lendlease automated their Workday testing with Opkey. The results? They reduced test cycle times by 80% and testing costs by 60%.

Opkey's automation gave Lendlease confidence throughout the testing period and beyond, enabling them to be extensive and proactive throughout their testing journey.
"Opkey's test discovery engine identified things they did not even know were issues." -Lendlease employee.

Lendlease Workday Testing Journey

Lendlease is a multinational construction, property, and infrastructure company with over 13,000 employees. 

Lendlease had Workday’s benefits, compensation, employee self service, and payroll modules. They were testing their updates manually. Workday’s bi-annual updates resulted in cumbersome and costly testing cycles, and their manual testing processes prevented them from pushing updates in a timely manner. They turned to Opkey to streamline their testing processes and to be compliant with their strict security posture.

Key Insights

  1. Lendlease’s Workday environment was heavily integrated with the SAP FICO, but the applications had to be individually tested with each update, wasting precious time and resources.
  2. Lendlease didn’t know which specific workflows to test, and as a result, either tested too much–delaying their upgrades–or tested too little, which exposed their Workday applications to downtime risk.
  3. Business users struggled to create and maintain test scripts without the assistance of technical resources.
  4. Business users complained about monotonous & repetitive user acceptance testing processes. These tests were rife with human error.
  5. Selenium test scripts broke with every new update, and it was extremely costly to maintain old test scripts.

Opkey: A Dedicated Team That Brings Assurance and Speed to Workday Testing

  1. Opkey’s Integration Accelerator enabled Lendlease to validate their business processes from start to finish across both Workday and SAP, without the need for additional testing tools. 
  2. Opkey automatically generated an Upgrade Impact Analysis report that gave Lendlease the exact scope of what needed to be tested with each update, allowing them to prioritize testing on the configurations that actually needed attention.
  3. Opkey’s Test Accelerator–built from a library of over 1,000 Workday test cases–filled in the gaps of Lendlease’s test coverage, and helped them achieve full coverage in just hours.
  4. Opkey’s No-Code interface enabled Lendlease’s business users to easily navigate Workday’s dynamic controls and create test scripts without needing IT resources.
  5. Opkey’s automated user acceptance testing solution freed business users from monotonous tasks and allowed them to focus their time on more high-value activities.

  1. Lendlease was successfully onboarded into Opkey’s platform in just 1 week; 85% of regression tests were automated in just 2 weeks.
  2. Testing cycle times were reduced by 80% due to automation.
  3. Business users were able to manage testing cycles largely without the help of IT teams.
  4. Testing costs were reduced by 60% when compared to manual testing.
  5. Opkey’s self-healing technology made it so old test scripts didn’t break with updates, and reduced test maintenance efforts by 97%.
Automation Testing with Opkey
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