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Test Automation Platform as a Service- Idea or Reality?

Test Automation Platform as a Service- Idea or Reality?

January 20, 2017
Iffat Ara Khanam

Gone are the days when people were bound by locations,

Gone are the days when software were deployed on clunky desktop systems

This is the era of being available anywhere and anytime

Only then you can make some dime!

So move with the new trend and be Bold

If you don’t like to be left out in cold

Well, above line by a well known poet (Yep..It’s me :-)) seem particularly true in context of current trend of moving enterprise apps to cloud (Go ahead..Read it again). Look around your organization - Chances are that your company has already moved your HRMS or your CRM, your ERP or your business accounting on cloud. Studies suggest that on an average any enterprise use 25% of cloud based software for day to day business.

So isn’t it time Test automation moved to cloud too in As-A-Service model? Yep you bet..And if you think about it, Test automation is one of the prime candidates to be moved to Cloud. Try analyzing why most teams either struggle to achieve the desired RoI with test automation or if at all, they take a few years to do so. You will find the reasons are

- High initial setup time and cost - Includes automation tool licenses, Hardware setup internally, Framework creation and maintenance, tool management, Lab management and what all and what not

- Most commercial tools today bind you to one platform - Windows in most cases. Yeah you can use Selenium and other OSS but then I am assuming

- Skill Gaps- you can use Open source tools to offset the initial cost but then you end up either upgrading skills of existing testers or hire specific skillset (read SDET) from market..And that ain’t come no cheap.

Solutions like Browserstack and SauceLabs are already solving one (very significant) part of the puzzle by allowing you to run your tests parallely in cloud (sorry for oversimplifying).  But what is still missing is a unified collaborative experience of authoring your automated tests on cloud. One, that can help you create your tests faster, supports all technologies you use in your enterprise and fit into any dev methodology you are using.

This is one of the problem we are solving @ OpKey.

OpKey is collaborative Test automation platform on cloud that among many other things allow testing teams to

- Create their tests faster by giving them a Very smart recorder, 400+ pre existing Keywords and host of other productivity improving features

- Allow test engineers to collaborate and build better automated tests

- Supports all your enterprise application including web application, mobile apps (iOS and android), desktop apps, Oracle EBS (yeah we are the first one on cloud to do so), Salesforce, Workday (and soon SAP)

- Provides its own Cloud lab to run your tests across multiple browsers or integrates with service you are already using

- Fits seamlessly into agile and devops by providing out of box integrations with Jira, Jenkins, Bamboo and other ALMCD platforms

- And a lot more...

So to summarize, Test Automation moving to cloud is an inevitability not only because the cost benefits it provide but also because the power it gives to the users to write more robust tests faster and be more productive. But then as they say seeing is believing. Try for yourself today.


Pallavi Sharma

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