Workday has evolved to become backbone of enterprise operations and employee productivity. That’s the reason companies spend 1000s of man hours doing testing of their Workday tenants to ensure smooth user experience and full audit compliance.

OpKey's WorkTest is a Day-Zero Ready, Automated Test Accelerator for Workday that saves you from those 1000s of hours of manual testing giving you Business Assurance and full compliance with every change and release

OpKey's WorkTest comes with 2 modules to allow testing of your WorkDay implementations end to end.

HCM Business Process Tester

Prebuilt business components and process that can be combined or reused by your business users and adapted to your configuration and run with 1000+ data sets.

Workday Security Configuration Tester

Automatically test all of your Field Level and action level security tests with WD security configurator tester and ensure 100% compliance to security process controls.

  • 320+ Pre Built reusable Components
  • 90+ Pre built Business processes
  • 100+ Security Validation controls
  • 50+ Web service and Report Tests

OpKey's (not so) Secret Sauce for Workday test Accelerator


Zero-Code testing interface

User friendly interface to create,
run and maintain tests


Workday specific Recording Engine

World's first WD specific
test recorder to handle complex UI


Assured Audit compliance

With Screenshots and detailed
audit logs of all test


Version Sync with Workday

BPs and components always in sync
with latest release of Workday


Realtime Dashboards & Test Reports

Comes with 12+ intuitive dashboards
and detailed reports


Ready Integration tests

Test upstream and downstream
integrations with ease

What you can expect from OpKey Work Day Test Accelerator

Zero Code scripting for Business Users

Reduced Testing time and cost

One of our Banking customer reported reducing the testing cycle time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks with OpKey WorkTest leading to cost optimization of 65%.

Pre Built Test accelerator for EBS workflows

Better testing Focus for Business Users

Your business users can spend time in testing the User experience rather than focus on regression testing for Workday.

End To End Test automation for Full IT ecosystem

Always Ready Audit compliance

Realtime visibility itno test results and status combined with powerful analysis engine ensure 100% readiness for Upgrades and configuration testing

Testing Workday and Beyond - With OpKey

Why Stop at Workday Testing alone when OpKey allows you
to test all your enterprise applications End to End

Plus host of other applications including Web, Mobile, Web service, Java, JavaFX

Ready To Start WorkTest With OpKey?

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