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Oracle EPM Cloud Release Notes March 2024: What’s New?

Oracle EPM Cloud Release Notes March 2024: What’s New?

March 15, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

Introduction on Oracle EPM Cloud release notes

Attention, EPM users!  

The monthly update for March is out for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management platform. Oracle has unveiled a fresh set of enhancements designed to streamline financial consolidation, data analysis, and improve the overall EPM experience.

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What are the specifics of the March 2024 update? What new features and improvements can empower your organization to take better advantage of Oracle? We'll explore functionalities relevant to various aspects of EPM, equipping you with the knowledge to leverage these updates effectively.

Our complete Advisory Document contains in-depth insights to help you steer through the latest EPM updates. This blog will review a sampling of upcoming changes, plus testing strategies that lead to the smoothest possible update.

Advisory Document for Oracle EPM's March 2024 Update

What’s New in EPM with the March 2024 Updates?

  • EPM Account Reconciliation can now streamline financial processes with amortization/accretion control, flexible currency selection, and detailed match-type reporting.
  • Enterprise Data Management can now simplify data validation, auditing, and automation across applications. It offers functionalities like rule severity control, node property management, improved data extraction control, and enhanced user experience.
  • Planning: New "EPM for Sustainability" solution simplifies management, reporting, and planning of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data.

Frequent updates to Oracle Cloud EPM can create significant bottlenecks in testing processes. Opkey's test automation platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline this challenge.  

Opkey's platform is meticulously designed to simplify Oracle Cloud EPM testing. Its extensive library of over 7,000 pre-built tests facilitates a swift onboarding process, eliminating the need for extensive test script creation from scratch.

Automated Impact Analysis empowers teams to stay ahead of the curve. With each new Oracle update, Opkey's platform automatically pinpoints any potentially affected areas within the testing suite, allowing for immediate adjustments and ensuring continued test coverage.

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Opkey's No-Code platform eliminates the need for in-depth technical expertise. Empowers a wider range of users, not just dedicated QA specialists, to actively participate in the testing process.

Maintaining test suite integrity becomes effortless. Opkey's self-healing capabilities automatically repair impacted test scripts following each update. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures the continued effectiveness of the testing process.

Organizations can significantly reduce the time and resources required for Oracle Cloud EPM updates by leveraging Opkey's test automation solutions. This not only streamlines the testing process but also frees up valuable resources for other critical tasks.

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