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Oracle EPM Cloud Release Notes February 2024: What’s New?

Oracle EPM Cloud Release Notes February 2024: What’s New?

February 8, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

Introduction on Oracle EPM Cloud release notes

Oracle EPM plays a pivotal role in facilitating informed decision-making for modern businesses, especially in terms of annual bookkeeping and financial close. EPM undergoes monthly updates that act as a gateway to the most recent enhancements, features, and optimizations. Keeping up with these updates can be a challenge, so Opkey provides an insightful overview blog as well as a lengthier Advisory Document.  This advisory offers a comprehensive resource for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their performance management strategies.  

Let’s go over a few of the highlights.  

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What’s New in EPM with the February 2024 Release?

Here are quick snippets from Oracle EPM release notes.

  • The Account Reconciliation feature introduces automated reverse adjustments, enhanced export options, including .xlsx format for Microsoft Excel, and streamlined data import capabilities through the REST API for increased efficiency and flexibility.
  • Explore the new 'How Do I...' Help Center tab for answers to common questions in Enterprise Data Management.  
  • Find guidance on troubleshooting Enterprise Journal Functional Issues in the Financial Consolidation and Close section of the Oracle EPM Cloud Operations Guide.
  • The 'Migrating from Profitability and Cost Management' tutorial now handles duplicate member names and reduces page load times for Calculation Control and Analysis. There are many more changes in monthly Oracle EPM release notes.
  • New tutorial on allocating Planning and Budgeting costs added. Import/export data and metadata via .csv files for flexible model management.
Get complete insights on changes in Oracle EPM February 2024 release Advisory Document.  

Testing efforts can encounter a major bottleneck with these frequent updates. Let's explore how Opkey’s test automation makes the update process remarkably easy.

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Opkey’s test automation platform is expertly designed to streamline Oracle Cloud EPM testing. Opkey has supported enterprises like Cigna and Haemonetics Corporation in reducing the time spent on testing Oracle Cloud EPM updates. Opkey's EPM-based scripts facilitate the implementation of an automated regression testing process, effectively shortening the monthly regression testing completion time.

  • An extensive library of over 7,000+ Oracle Cloud pre-built tests allows for fast onboarding.
  • Automated Impact Analysis is available for each Oracle update. Teams can immediately identify any affected parts of the testing program.  
  • A No-Code platform that is simple enough for all users (rather than only technical QA resources).  
  • Self-healing capabilities that ensure impacted test scripts are automatically repaired following each EPM update.

See how Hemonetics reduced testing time and efforts by 80%

Are you ready for the next Oracle EPM update? Opkey is here to help.

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