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Everything you need to know about Oracle SCM Cloud 22C Release

Everything You Need to Know about Oracle SCM Cloud 22C Release

August 8, 2022
Iffat Ara Khanam

Our last blog, Everything you need to know about the Oracle Cloud HCM 22C Release, provided detailed information about the changes to Oracle’s HCM modules as part of the Oracle Cloud 22C release. This post will focus on changes for the SCM module.

Oracle Update 22C has introduced new features and enhancements to the SCM module. Because these updates are mandatory to implement, customers should keep up with them in a timely manner. Oracle customers need to develop a robust testing strategy for the Oracle Cloud SCM 22C release that can mitigate the risk of their Oracle Cloud SCM processes breaking.

Check out Opkey’s advisory document for the Oracle Cloud 22C Release to get complete details on the SCM updates. Below, we will discuss the key updates and service improvements in the Oracle SCM Cloud 22C release notes.

Technical/Functional changes – SCM:

  • Purchasing:
  • Expanding on additions from the Oracle Cloud 22B update, users can add a back-to-back requisition lines to an existing open purchase order instead of creating a separate purchase order for the requisition.
  • With the Oracle Cloud 22C update, users can validate the requested dates on purchase requests from external applications and those entered manually in UIs. This ensures dates have not passed per the current date/timezone of the delivery-to organization.
  • Oracle users can now manage prices for the same part number from different manufacturers.
  • Supplier Model:
  • Users can maintain multiple supplier emails for communicating purchase orders.
  • The Oracle Cloud 22C update allows users to configure the sender name/email under supplier management notifications.
  • Sourcing:
  • Oracle Cloud 22C allows users to configure a sender name/email in sourcing notifications.
  • Users can also send a negotiation invitation email to a supplier lacking a user account.
  • Supplier Qualification Management: With the Oracle Cloud 22C update, you can access initiatives through deep links instead of navigating through the menu structure.
  • Spend Classification: Users can create a new data set by copying the existing user-generated data set in this Oracle Cloud 22C update.

Additional features and functionalities have been added to Sourcing, Supplier Qualification Management, Procurement Contracts, Spend Classification, and Supplier Channel Management modules.

Test guidance from Opkey

Oracle SCM customers only have 2 short weeks to ensure that existing business processes are not adversely affected by these changes. With Opkey’s test automation platform, you can successfully navigate through the Oracle Cloud 22C deployment with less time, money, and effort.

Get in touch with us today.

And if you want to see how Opkey can manage these updates for you–so you don’t have to lift a finger– check out our Oracle Quarterly Updates Managed Service.

How we help with Oracle SCM Cloud upgrades:

  • Our pre-built accelerator library of 2,000+ business components and 1,000+ out-of-the-box test scripts across Oracle SCM modules can instantly be applied to your environment.
  • Detailed pre-release advisory documents to highlight the exact changes expected in the Oracle Cloud SCM 22C Release.
  • Impact analysis reports show as-is vs. to-be processes and highlight key changes to be tested with SCM updates.
  • Automatic test data preparation for new scenarios added to the SCM module.
  • Security validation and reports validation results on day 1 of the update.
  • Dedicated staff with 24/7 support.
Oracle SCM Cloud 22C Release

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