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Everything you need to know about the Oracle Cloud HCM 22C Release

Everything you need to know about the Oracle Cloud HCM 22C Release

July 26, 2022
Iffat Ara Khanam

If you’re an Oracle HCM Cloud user worried about the Oracle Cloud 22C release, this blog is for you. This post will outline the key changes to the HCM module that are coming with 22C, ensuring that your organization is prepared.

Oracle HCM Cloud 22C is bringing many new features and enhancements. Since Oracle updates have the potential to impact your existing customizations and integrations, they can’t be deployed into production without adequate testing. Robust testing for the 22C release will mitigate the risk of your Oracle HCM breaking, and ensure business continuity post-deployment of the Oracle quarterly patch.

Read Opkey’s advisory document for the Oracle Cloud 22C Release to get complete details on these HCM updates.

Technical/Functional changes - HCM:

  • Support for guided journeys: Oracle HCM Cloud will now support guided journeys in Talent Manager overview pages. Enterprises can refine their business processes with quick actions on the Career Overview, Goals, and Performance Overview pages. Users have more support in guided journeys with the help of tutorials, company policies, and best practices.
  • Configurable Business Title switcher: HR Managers can configure additional assignment attributes to display in the Business Title switcher, using the search configuration in the HCM Experience Design Studio. The Business Title switcher is available on Goals and Performance Overview and Career Overview. This helps users to easily identify the assignments they need to work with using the Business Title field.
  • Preview questionnaires: This feature allows users to preview their draft, active, and inactive questionnaires directly from the Search Results section of the Questionnaire setup page. Previously, edit mode was the only way to preview inactive questionnaires.
  • Guided journeys in career development: Oracle 22C comes with intelligent recommendations for roles based on workers’ qualifications, comparisons to target roles, and required development needs for workers. Workers and managers can now manage their short-term and long-term career development strategies using a development plan.
  • Maintain Talent Profile entries contributed by other applications: Update or correct profile items written into a profile by other applications involved in talent flows. The following rules apply when editing language content section items:
  • If the edit comes from a different source than the latest row, the latest row is end-dated and a new row is added.
  • If the edit comes from the same source as the latest row, the latest row is NOT end-dated and is updated.
  • Guided journey options for Goal Management pages: Create and manage performance goals for a given review period and provide guidance with recorded tutorials and best practices by configuring guided journey tasks for Goal Management flows. When you enable guided journeys, users see a Guide Me button with the tasks that you have enabled for the section.
  • Send requested feedback due reminder: Admins can now configure feedback reminders to be sent a specific number of days before the feedback is due. You can specify this number in a new scheduled process, Send Requested Feedback Due Date Reminder, and run the job as needed.
  • View succession plan history of changes: From this update, you can view the history of changes made to any succession plan you have access to. You can view the plan history through the following ways:
  • Select View Plan History for the succession plan on the Succession Overview page.
  • Click the View Plan History button on the succession plan details page to view history.
  • Transactional Business Intelligence for Talent Management: Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence is a real-time, self-service reporting solution offered to all Oracle Cloud application users to create ad hoc reports and analyze them for daily decision-making. With this, human resources managers and specialists, business executives, and line managers get critical workforce information to analyze workforce costs, staffing, compensation, performance management, talent management, succession planning, and employee benefits.

Testing best practices to successfully execute the Oracle Cloud HCM 22C Release:

Some of the features like Configurable Business Title Switcher do not require any action to enable. That being said, you should make sure that “enabling” features won’t negatively impact your system performance or user experience. When new features are enabled, you need to consider how that feature is going to impact current processes and procedures.

Test Guidance from Opkey

We understand that two weeks are not enough time for most organizations to test all their critical business processes, workflows, and security roles manually. With Opkey’s test automation platform, you can successfully navigate through the Oracle Cloud 22C with less time, money, and effort.

Get in touch with us today.

And if you want to see how Opkey can manage these updates for you–so you don’t have to lift a finger– check out our Oracle Quarterly Updates Managed Service.

How we help with Oracle HCM Cloud upgrades:

  • Our pre-built accelerator library of 2,000+ business components and 1,000+ out-of-the-box test scripts across Oracle HCM modules can instantly be applied to your environment.
  • Detailed pre-release advisory documents to highlight the exact changes expected in the Oracle HCM release.
  • Impact analysis reports show as-is vs. to-be processes and highlight key changes to be tested.
  • Automatic test data preparation for new scenarios added to the HCM module.
  • Security validation and reports validation results on day 1 of the update.
  • Dedicated staff with 24/7 support.
Oracle Cloud HCM 22C Release

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