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Accelerate and Innovate Salesforce with Continuous Test Automation

Accelerate and Innovate Salesforce with Continuous Test Automation

September 23, 2021
Sohaib Zaidi

Salesforce environments move at a different pace. Your systems are constantly bombarded with change in the form of release cycles, in-sprint updates, refreshes, critical integration and ongoing project innovation. In the midst of all this change, there is no denying the fact that Continuous testing is essential to achieve these dynamic needs.

In this blog, we’ll discuss major hurdles in implementing continuous testing for Salesforce. We’ll also discuss how to overcome these challenges to achieve continuous innovation.

Why you need to implement Continuous Testing for Salesforce?

Introduce and expand test automation – Continuous testing is all about testing early, often, and comprehensively to get quick feedback. So, enterprises that want to implement continuous testing for Salesforce need to introduce test automation to achieve this. To get faster feedback on whether latest changes have broken any critical business processes, automation is necessary. However, getting started with test automation in case of Salesforce is quite difficult because of complex architecture (dynamic elements, frames).

Release Readiness – One of the major goal of “Continuous Testing” is to determine whether or not release candidate is ready for production. Salesforce delivers hundreds of innovative features in the form of seasonal releases i.e. Spring, Summer, and Winter. IT managers cannot make go/no-go release decision a guessing game because a bad release can cost you revenue and reputation. Prior to deployment in the production, IT managers need to understand the impact of new features on existing business processes and critical configurations.

End-to-End Integrations – Salesforce can be integrated seamlessly with numerous third-party applications. In a scenario when various packaged apps work behind the scenes, it is recommended to test all the micro-services, APIs, and other integrated platforms during different cadences to ensure that user experience and business processes have not been impacted with new functionality.

Focus on the right continuous test automation approach to address these challenges

You cannot expect success by allowing manual testers to download some open-source test automation tool to automate processes across Salesforce. To succeed, your continuous testing approach should be built around change. You need to determine how changes have impacted your existing business processes and configurations. In fact, you need to bring in a continuous testing process that supports quality, speed, and efficiency. And, this can only be achieved with right test automation tool.

Our proposed solution: Opkey

We propose “OpKey”, a Continuous test automation platform for Salesforce. OpKey gives real-time visibility into changes to QA teams that comes with a release. OpKey’s AI-powered change impact assessment engine performs a comparative analysis of the old and updated instance to highlight changes across the configurations, transactions and custom screens while predictive intelligence recommends test cases based on the impacted areas. By highlighting risks, OpKey allows testing teams to refactor test cases while enabling IT managers to plan release better. OpKey’s prebuilt test libraries for Sales, Marketing, Service Cloud, & CPQ help QA teams to cut down initial set up time by 70% while AI-powered self-healing capabilities make test maintenance effortless.

OpKey is the only test automation platform that offer support for support for web, mobile, APIs, Desktop, Citrix, Mainframes and other legacy applications. OpKey allows SFDC test automation along with enabling end-to-end test automation across multiple ERPs/ packaged apps. Integrated change analysis, risk assessment and automation capabilities of OpKey will help enterprises to seamlessly implement continuous test automation for their Salesforce instance.

Contact us today and ensures your business processes run smoothly, regardless of change with OpKey’s Continuous Salesforce test automation platform.

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