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Trackwise Test Accelerator

Trackwise Test Accelerator

February 22, 2018
Iffat Ara Khanam

Automation Tool Trackwise Test Accelerator

Trackwise Test Accelerator is an enterprise quality management system (QMS) software platform. Used by business organizations of mid to large size, it helps in regulating industries to enhance the product quality and accomplish regulatory compliance. The solution also helps reduce the risk involved throughout the establishment of the product or service. Trackwise Test Accelerator helps professionals to centralize processes and achieve automated reporting within their company. Test Accelerator accelerates the test automation process.

The robust framework of Trackwise helps in early automation and development of test scripts during the development stage of software development life cycle. Furthermore, the solution reduces the total dependence of business owners on highly skilled personnel for testing. Rather, it engages the business users themselves in test automation and uses the existing test automation tools.

Before we head towards the features and other process, let us first learn about Trackwise:

As mentioned above, Trackwise is basically QMS (Quality Management Solution) helping industries to increase efficiency and improve the quality of product. Designed by Sparta Systems, it is mainly used by system administrators and IT Personnel. By having Trackwise QMS featuring audit management tool help in audit management process, eliminating the cost and time consuming through paper-based audit.

Features of TrackWise Test Accelerator

TrackWise test accelerator offers a comprehensive solution for quality management. It helps improve the visibility and transparency across an organization and its supply chains. In addition, the solution helps in addressing the main challenges such as compliance requirements, finances, infrastructure complexities, and meet the expectations of customers.

It also automates the quality processes which increases the efficiency and reduces the time for completion. Therefore, companies get the scope of investing their time and resources into enhanced product quality. This helps in attaining better regulatory compliance. The management of supplier quality becomes very easy due to this.

The benefits can be listed out as :

• Comprehensive solution for quality management

• Get better visibility and transparency across an organization

• Address tough compliance requirements

• Manage tight budgets

• Address the infrastructure complexities

• Meet the expectations of customers

• Save time by easy testing ways

Integration of TrackWise Test Accelerator with other systems

The best feature of TrackWise is it can be integrated with other systems. It uses web-based integration thereby easing the integration with other critical systems such as ERP, CRM, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), etc. It can streamline the workflows and processes across all the systems. This feature ensures compliance with hopping regulatory requirements and market risks. Users and managers can take better business decisions with TrackWise Quality View with the help of real-time reporting. It gives tailored self-service features that report to IT departments.

Key benefits of Trackwise Test Accelerator

The key benefits of Trackwise include:

• Early automation: After confirming the test details, it will automate.

The test automation can be conducted along with the preparation of manual test cases.

• Less time to market and boost the ROI: Trackwise gives a competitive advantage. It also facilitates the routing of cost savings to other business initiatives.

• Function libraries: The pre-built function libraries reduce the cost of creating an automation test solution by 30%.

• Offline automation: It greatly reduces the expenses seen in test tool licenses by decreasing the need for test tool licenses. Here the licenses are needed during the execution of the test and formation of the object repository.

• Methodology of automation: This greatly decreases the cost of development by helping the manual testers and business users to create automated test scripts. It also reduces the risks and time for development.



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