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The Wonderful Company Achieved 98% Test Coverage in Oracle Cloud Update Testing With Opkey
Opkey Customer Success Story: The Wonderful Company
Discover how Opkey changed the Oracle Cloud update testing process at The Wonderful Company

The Wonderful Company Achieved Optimal Test Coverage in Oracle Cloud Update Testing With Opkey

March 1, 2024
Iffat Ara Khanam

The Wonderful Company (TWC) is a privately held $5 billion firm based in Los Angeles, California. Since their founding in 1979, TWC has provided high-quality and healthy brands that allow consumers to live brighter and happier lives. TWC is associated with such household names like POM Wonderful and Fiji Water.

So why did TWC need test automation?

The Wonderful Company implemented an Oracle Cloud system for their growing business needs. And, of course, they had to go through Oracle Cloud's quarterly updates, which required day-one testing to stay up. To make sure their vital end-to-end business processes would function as intended even after Oracle Cloud updates go live, they required a quick, robust, and risk-based test automation strategy.

How did Opkey help The Wonderful Company achieve a 90% reduction in defect leakage and 80% test coverage for Oracle Cloud Update Testing?

Let’s jump in.  

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The Challenges: Testing Pressures Increase During Oracle Cloud Updates  

  1. The Wonderful Company uses the Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM) modules in Oracle Cloud. Their Oracle environment has 300-400 integrations with outside applications, making it quite complex.
  1. They were unable to implement a rigorous continuous testing process with manual testing. Manual methods of testing were draining staff resources and limiting their ability to take full advantage of new updates and features.
  1. Bottlenecks were especially harmful to the business during Oracle updates, as the Wonderful Company needed to regression test 1,100 different business processes and scenarios.
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Opkey: A Faster and More Efficient Testing Solution for Oracle Cloud Testing

  1. Opkey's Test Accelerator, a repository of over 7,000 Oracle Cloud test cases, filled in the gaps in test coverage, allowing them to attain full coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to test manually.
  1. Opkey automated TWC’s Oracle Cloud patch update cycles, majorly reducing their testing efforts and ensuring a risk-free patch update experience.  
  1. With each update, Opkey provides TWC:
  • an easy-to-validate report on impacted modules.
  • Automatically provides.
  • test data provisioning.
  • Delivers a detailed audit trail.
  1. Opkey developed an Upgrade Impact Analysis report for TWC, detailing exactly what needed to be tested with each Oracle update and allowing them to prioritize testing on the configurations that need attention. Self-healing capabilities enable impacted test scripts to be fixed automatically.

“ Opkey came along at a key time for our organization and completely revolutionized our Oracle Cloud testing. I can’t imagine going back after seeing what test automation has done for us.”

Ravi Balakrishnan
Director, Enterprise Applications, TWC

  • Opkey empowered TWC to test their Oracle updates in just 3 days, compared to 2 weeks before Opkey.  
  • This freed up major bandwidth from their IT teams, and allowed them to release changes 15X faster. This, in turn, allowed TWC to take advantage of new Oracle features as soon as they came out.  
  • Overall, efforts for testing each Oracle quarterly patch update were reduced by 90%.  
  • Opkey allowed them to generate ideal test cases across business processes
  • And TWC's IT team can now focus on more value-adding activities.
Test Automation with Opkey
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