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A Leading Healthcare Solution Provider Reduces Testing Timelines by 80% with Opkey

A Leading Healthcare Solution Provider Reduces Testing Timelines by 80% with Opkey

February 27, 2024
Iffat Ara Khanam

Oracle Cloud caters to the heavy regulations and overall special requirements of healthcare and life sciences enterprises. Testing pharmaceutical applications built on the Oracle platform becomes substantially more complex  when one accounts for Oracle's quarterly and monthly updates. The biggest uncertainty that puts stress on IT teams is whether or not everything will function as planned when updates go live.  

Questions such as the following are heard in leadership meetings:

  • How can we ensure 12 EPM and 4 Quarterly Oracle Cloud update testing on time and on budget?  
  • Will the interconnected configuration of our business processes work?  
  • Can we make sure that third-party applications properly interact after this update?

One of Opkey’s customers, Haemonetics Corporation, was struggling with these very challenges.  

Let’s cut to the win before we give you some backstory. Now, with Opkey, Haemonetics Corporation finishes their Oracle quarterly patch updates in one week and their Oracle EPM patch updates in 3 days. This combines to reduce overall testing efforts by 80%.

“We would highly recommend Opkey to anyone looking to solve their Oracle testing needs! Test automation allows us to take full advantage of our Oracle apps.”

Andrew Pullen,
IT Business Partner at Haemonetics Corporation

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Haemonetics’s Oracle Update Testing Journey

Who is Haemonetics? Established in 1970, Haemonetics Corporation is a provider of blood and plasma supplies and services. Today, they have offices located in 16 countries and employ 3,300 people.

The IT staff at Haemonetics was manually testing their Oracle environment. This exposed them to great risk and put a strain on the team's resources.

The Challenges: Testing Pressures Increase During Oracle Updates  

  • Haemonetics Oracle ecosystem was heavily integrated, but the applications had to be individually tested with each update, wasting precious time and resources.  
  • Manually testing 12 EPM and 4 quarterly ERP updates at 25 separate locations that are a part of the Oracle ecosystem was not scalable.  
  • Haemonetics required an automated testing solution to handle the frequent releases and changes that Oracle was going to put on its ERP stack.

Opkey: A Dedicated Team That Brings Assurance and Speed to Oracle Update Testing

  1. Opkey’s test mining technology immediately discovered Haemonetics’s legacy tests and configurations helped them to generate test data that worked automatically across various Oracle instances.
  1. Opkey’s Test Accelerator–built from a library of over 7,000 Oracle Cloud test cases–filled in the gaps of Haemonetics’s test coverage, and helped them achieve full coverage in just hours.
  1. Opkey automatically generated an Upgrade Impact Analysis report that gave Haemonetics the exact scope of what needed to be tested with each Oracle Cloud and Oracle EPM update, allowing them to prioritize testing on the configurations that needed attention. Self-healing capabilities that ensure broken test scripts can be fixed automatically.
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  • Haemonetics was successfully onboarded into Opkey’s platform in just 3 weeks.  
  • The company’s 25 locations were able to certify and finish their Oracle quarterly patch update in one week, and the EPM patch update in 3 days.  
  • The IT team was able to reduce testing efforts by 80% against each update both within Oracle and across their end-to-end processes.  
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