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Reimagine Oracle Cloud Test Automation with Process Intelligence

Reimagine Oracle Cloud Test Automation with Process Intelligence

October 14, 2021
Sohaib Zaidi

With global events having an inestimable impact on organizations, the ability to move with agility and intelligently is needed now more than ever. The Oracle Cloud environment is not untouched by this urgency, where the systems are constantly bombarded with change in the form of release cycles, refreshes, and ongoing project innovation. This speed of innovation continues to increase, creating greater risk as IT and business teams scramble to ensure timely delivery.

Test Automation combined with process intelligence is the only way to stay on top of these challenges. In this blog learn how OpKey’s Process mining enabled Continuous testing platform empowers the world’s largest enterprises to keep pace with release schedules, reduce risk and ensure business continuity.

Key Challenges with Oracle Cloud Testing

Risks from Frequent Cloud Updates:

Change is ubiquitous and persistent in Oracle Cloud environments with hundreds, if not thousands of customizations and periodic updates. Without a line of sight into your actual business processes, it’s difficult to ensure those workflows will remain intact with every update and release cycle. With Oracle Cloud test automation infused with process intelligence, you can easily build and maintain automated tests, accelerating testing time without losing scope or volume for this rapidly changing Oracle Cloud environment.

End-to-End Testing Challenges:

Oracle Cloud application environments are constantly evolving. With multiple applications in your environment that share many connections between them from API, UI, mobile, mainframes, ERPs, and other third-party integrations. Testing still becomes the most daunting challenge. The integrated test automation and process discovery platform provide the ability to make sense of these complex business processes, trace them as they traverse multiple applications, and provide optimal test coverage.

Leverage OpKey’s AI-Driven Test Automation infused with Process Intelligence for Oracle Cloud Apps Testing

OpKey’s process mining enabled continuous test automation Platform combines test automation with process intelligence to empower the world’s leading organizations to engage automation across the full lifecycle of their complex processes within and beyond Oracle Cloud applications. OpKey’s Test Discovery helps organizations to test smart based on Industry-specific baseline tests. The adequate Test Mining Solution will help identify the right processes to test and visualize the full life cycle of business processes.

Creation of Automated tests with autonomously mined test data

OpKey’s process mining solution mines the ERP logs and autonomously create hundreds of automated ERP tests in minutes:

  • That’s customized to your organization,
  • Provide optimal test coverage,
  • Can execute these tests across multiple browsers and mobiles in the cloud.

Skip costly rework and maintenance with OpKey’s Self-Healing Test Artifacts

A single update may impact a number of test artifacts in the Oracle Cloud environment. With the Opkey Self-healing engine the change is automatically propagated to every single instance where that object may have been used without a single line of code or manual human involvement. And you don’t have to worry about going back and looking at everything. It’s just done automatically, dynamically, and consistently over and over again.

End-to-End Business Process Validation

One of the key challenges in Oracle Cloud Test Automation is ensuring the integrity of the end-to-end business process that traverses it along with web applications, custom applications, mobile applications, and more. OpKey’s test automation is designed specifically for continuous testing of end-to-end business process execution across all of the applications.

OpKey’s AI-powered test automation combines data from process mining, automated test results and delivers real-world insights so you can seize the benefits of test automation at speed and scale.

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