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Prerequisites & common error scenarios in Opkey Spock Agent

Prerequisites & Common Error Scenarios in Opkey Spock Agent

August 31, 2018
Iffat Ara Khanam


Opkey is now empowered with a Cloud based agent named as Spock Agent which enables you to execute your tests on this cloud agent. It is visible on the Local Execution Wizard. You can select Any, India or United States based cloud agent from the Region option and browser (Chrome, Fire or IE) from the Browser option. Once you triggered test execution in this way, the execution will be performed on the chosen cloud agent but the live execution on the browser will be performed on your system.

In order to use this Opkey Spock Agent, there are few prerequisites as described below:

- Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 & Mac

- Supported Browsers (Windows systems): Latest versions of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or IE

- Supported Browsers (Mac systems): Latest versions of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

- Java: Java 8 & 9

There are few common error scenarios & you may come across these while working with Opkey Spock Agent.

Common Error Scenarios & recommended settings:

SSH Port should be enabled in Firewall Settings. If it's not enabled, you will get the error message as shown below:

If Java 8 or 9 is not installed on the system, user will get a message that Java 8 or 9 not found.

If the user does not have read/write privileges in Registry, whenever a user tries to execute a test on Spock Agent then the .exe file for the teleporting tunnel will be downloaded every time.

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