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Opkey's 2021 year in review: a year of ups & downs

Our World in Review-2021: The year of all Ups and Downs

December 31, 2021
Iffat Ara Khanam

“Things will never be the same. The work continues nevertheless.”

-Opkey’s matra for 2021 (as well as 2020)

As we move into 2022, we want to take a quick moment to look back at 2021 and highlight just a few of Opkey’s many milestones.

And of course, we’d like to thank all of you—our customers, partners, and our employees—for making 2021 the best year in Opkey’s history.

Achievements: Product Enhancements

Our goal is to constantly update our product and introduce new features to make our customer's testing processes faster, cheaper, and more delightful. In 2021, we rolled out many important product enhancements that our customers love:

  1. Launchpad

All of Opkey’s applications can now be accessed in from central platform: the Launchpad. User can now login to the Launchpad and apps such as Opkey Web, Opkey Surge, pCloudy, Opkey Test Accelerator, Opkey Test Discovery (BETA), and so on.

  1. Opkey Test Discovery(BETA)

Opkey has developed  the world’s first Test Mining Platform named Opkey Test Discovery. With Test Discovery, users can now mine their ERP Logs and autonomously create hundreds of automated ERP tests in minutes. This enhancement helps customers immediately identify the right processes to test, and helps them visualize the full life cycle of a business processes.

  1. Opkey Marketplace

Opkey Marketplace offers dozens of different add-ons that users can browse through and utilize. Users can now also create customized workflows with these add-ons, according to the requirements of their Project and Modules.

  1. Opkey On Chrome Plugin

Opkey’s new Chrome plugin—powered by AI—immensely helps customers visually test web applications. The plugin has an intuitive interface, and also per forms responsive testing for different screen resolutions and sizes.

Partners and Clientele

Another one of our achievements in 2021 involved our amazing clients and partners. Throughout the year, we welcomed a record number of global enterprises, and expanded our relationship with many others – including the world’s top Pharma, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail,, and Financial Services companies. Some of our marquee clients include:

Pfizer, Cottage Health, Abbvie, FSI, AIR CANADA, Amadeus, CSL, GAP, Fiserv, Honeywell, MassMutual, MacDonalds, and NCR.

In terms of our new partnerships…

  • Opkey is now a Silver-tier member of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Technology Partner Program. The integration of Opkey with HPE’s cutting-edge product line will help customers overcome substantial barriers in SAP S/4 HANA migration, as well as more easily navigate updates.
  • Opkey is now officially part of the Veeva Alliance program. Through providing automated testing solutions for Veeva CRM and Vault, Opkey can now better help Veeva customers drive digital transformation with speed and quality.
  • Opkey is now an official Salesforce ISV partner and is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Opkey’s continuous testing platform can be used to execute thousands of tests within Salesforce Apps, so, test engineers now don’t have to juggle around to test Salesforce instances.

Events, Conferences

Opkey is extremely proud of the webinars we hosted in 2021, where we welcomed thousands of attendees across the world. We organized a number of webinars and conferences with partners on trending topics—mainly the testing of different SaaS applications.

  • Our Webinar with Forrester “The Future of ERP is Modular- It's Time Testing Evolves to keep Pace” conducted in the month of October was a huge success, and featured Diago Loguidice from Forrester
STC 2021

Recognition and Achievements

During 2021, our team’s hard-work and dedication paid off through being recognized by some of the biggest names in the software testing industry.

Opkey Test Automation University

We launched Opkey Test Automation University as a way to help expand test knowledge among Opkey users and employees.  The University has over 20 free courses, and you can take any of these courses as per your choice. Whether you are an experienced test programmer or just getting started, you will find a range of courses to match your interests and abilities—there is no prior knowledge required.

In-house Fun and Learning

We didn’t let the physical distances between us prevent us from having good times. We held a series of virtual events to keep us connected as a team and interacting on a personal level. We have taken fun seriously by enjoying the little joys of celebrating birthdays virtually, catching up casually with others through the virtual quiz and tombola initiative by our HR team. Though we miss the physical interactions with each other in our office space, like morning chats at the coffee machine, etc. Our virtual celebrations are no less fun. From playing games, virtual pizza parties, celebrating Diwali, and sending gifts as a secret Santa during Christmas has been a great engrossing experience.

We didn’t let the physical distances between us prevent us from having fun in 2021. Each week, we held a virtual event to keep us connected as a team and interacting on a personal level. Said another way, we took fun seriously.

From virtual birthday parties and happy hours to trivia nights and talent shows, our HR team did an amazing job keeping the Opkey family strong during this crazy year. They did an incredibly stellar job organizing a Secret Santa 😊.

Fun and Learning
Fun and Learning

Final Words

We wish to take a final moment to say THANK YOU to our customers, partners, employees, and everyone in our testing community for all that you do. Thanks to your enthusiasm and hard work, we’ve made 2021 the best year in Opkey’s history. We wish you and your family all the happiness and success in this prosperous new year.

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