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Oracle Test Automation: Why It's Critical

Oracle Test Automation: Why It's Critical

December 16, 2021
Sohaib Zaidi

As more enterprises migrate to Oracle Cloud, they reap the benefits of Oracle’s frequent updates. Changes that used to take months or even years to implement can now be pushed to Oracle customers in days–allowing organizations to take quick advantage of new features and functionalities.

Unfortunately, as the speed of change for Oracle customers has increased, business risk has increased, too. That’s because with each quarterly and ad-hoc update, old business processes are subject to breaking. When existing business processes break, teams cannot properly function and productivity declines sharply.

To address this risk of business process failure, organizations must constantly test their enterprise software–and automated testing is the most time and cost-efficient way to do this.

Simply put, manual testing is not sufficient for today’s agile enterprise. It’s expensive, it takes an extremely long time, and the testing coverage is not adequate to fully derisk each critical business process.

By automating the Oracle Cloud tests, enterprises are not only given the ability to test everything they need within a shorter time frame, but they get the confidence that their most critical processes will not fail. The cherry on top: it’s more cost-effective and timely than manual testing.

Automated Oracle Cloud testing is crucial because of the following reasons:

  • To keep pace with ever-changing market dynamics, competitive pressure and business turbulence, enterprises must frequently update their business process flows. Every time a process is adjusted or a new process is implemented,  it must be tested to keep business disruptions at a minimum. Automated testing is the most efficient way to test these changes.
  • Since Oracle is highly customizable, it’s largely  unique to each enterprise.  With each  Oracle Cloud quarterly update, there’s a high  possibility that customizations will break. By automating Oracle testing, you can ensure that critical customizations are safe.
  • Oracle rarely operates as a standalone app across a business’s ecosystem. In most cases, enterprises integrate their Oracle Cloud Apps with third party systems as well as other productivity tools like Office 365. Since quarterly updates usually affect integrations,  it is recommended to validate each critical integration with each update. Having an End-To-End testing tool–that supports hundreds of these integrations–is key to ensuring that none of them break.
  • Oracle Cloud Apps work on a role-based security model. With each Oracle Cloud quarterly update, there is a possibility that security roles will change. To maintain compliance, organizations should  test security and user privileges after every update. Since a single role contains about 500 Function and Data security privileges, it is next to impossible to manually validate hundreds  of roles together. Automated testing solves this challenge.

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Enterprises that are using Oracle Cloud Apps need to understand that with manual  testing, they simply are not going to achieve the speed and accuracy they need to keep pace with the frequency and breadth of Oracle Cloud updates. Further, they must understand that they’re being exposed to unnecessary business process risk.

By utilizing high velocity Oracle Cloud test automation, enterprises can avoid nearly all of the business disruptions and project backlogs that are created by manual testing methods.

Automated Oracle testing will also ensure business continuity post update by providing complete  test coverage across critical workflows and integrations.

Simply put, when it comes to adequate Oracle Cloud testing, automation is mandatory, as it ensures your business is de-risked, and speeds up your testing cycles to avoid any business disruptions.

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