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Oracle HCM 23D Release Notes: What’s New
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Oracle HCM 23D Release Notes: What’s New

November 8, 2023
Sohaib Zaidi

If you’re an Oracle HCM user and looking for Oracle HCM 23D release notes, this blog is for you. Opkey experts have combed Oracle’s documents to bring you the critical changes that the Oracle 23D release will bring to your existing configurations. We’ll also highlight how Opkey's platform can speed up quarterly update certification and why thorough testing is non-negotiable for Oracle users.  

Watch Dimpy Sharma, Opkey's VP of Product Solutions, explaining key changes that the Oracle 23D release brings to your Oracle environment.

What is Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM?

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is an all-in-one solution for HR that connects every human resource process, including Talent Management, Workforce Management, and Payroll. It automates business processes and delivers significant business benefits including reduced reporting times, faster deployments and updates, lower costs, and improved productivity.

Oracle HCM 23D Release Notes: Key Highlights

  • Oracle HCM 23D allows admins to configure the employee assignment (empassignment) Atom feed to include assignment changes - new hire, termination, work relationship cancellation. This eliminates the need to subscribe to work relationship-related feeds. You don't require additional REST calls from the work relationship feed entries to get assignment attributes.
  • Oracle 23D Release also enhances the Redwood Applications. Users can now customize and adapt the application to align with business or individual requirements. By leveraging Visual Builder Studio (VB Studio) within the HCM Redwood application, users can streamline their experiences. An action button, tab, filter, sort by, table, or any other element of a Redwood page can be extended.
  • HCM Data Loader offers a flexible and efficient method for bulk loading of business object data. This can be used for data-migration and on-going incremental updates to Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud. With this enhancement, users can configure which product areas and/or business objects can be bulk loaded by a job role using HCM Data Loader.
  • Oracle HCM 23D enables data extraction from your HCM applications using HCM Extracts. This data can now be used across integrated reporting systems.
  • To detect irregularities in the extracted data, users get a new Data Diagnostics report. Users can also enhance the efficiency of data extraction processes by deactivating unnecessary and outdated data extraction definitions. This optimizes the utilization of your database space.

Since it is beyond the scope of this blog to cover all the changes, we recommend you read the comprehensive Advisory Document for Oracle Fusion Cloud’s 23D Release.

Opkey’s Advisory
Want to learn more, in detail? Read Opkey’s Advisory for Oracle Fusion Cloud 23D

Why Testing Is Critical with Oracle Quarterly Updates

Oracle updates have the potential to negatively impact existing configurations and integrations. Updates are applied on the first Friday of your quarterly update month in the test environment. After two weeks, they are applied on the third Friday of your quarterly update month in the production environment. Manually testing these updates within a short span of two weeks is a challenging, and sometimes almost-impossible task.  

Enjoy Hassle Free Oracle Cloud Update Certification in Just 3 Days

Opkey is a leading No-Code Oracle test automation platform that can expedite your Oracle Cloud quarterly update certifications. Before each update, Opkey runs a comprehensive series of automated tests to validate the features being released against your environment. Leveraging these tests, Opkey tells you clearly what changes in your transactions, configurations, and custom screens. The platform then identifies the testing impacts due to those changes, and generates the necessary tests.  

Opkey’s predictive impact analysis engine takes all the guesswork out of determining what needs to be tested before changes are deployed to your Oracle Cloud apps. Instead of testing all cases, you only need to test those that are highly risky and their dependent components. This eliminates hours of effort and struggle.  

These tests should thoroughly validate:

  • The health of the builds in a simulated existing customer environment
  • Successful execution of tests in a simulated new customer environment
  • End-to-end business process flows
  • Primary use-case scenarios
  • Alternate use-case scenarios
  • Oracle Cloud’s security tests
  • Reports and integration tests
  • Additional scenarios derived from design specifications
Test Automation with Opkey
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