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Oracle EPM Release Notes April 2024: What’s New?

Oracle EPM Release Notes April 2024: What’s New?

April 22, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

Are you ready to streamline Oracle EPM testing processes and unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency? The April 2024 release brings a wave of improvements designed to enhance your user experience, empower better decision-making, and streamline processes across your enterprise.

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Oracle has packed this update with refinements, time-saving features, and maybe even a few surprises. Get ready to discover how these changes can transform your planning, reporting, and analysis.

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What are the key changes in the April 2024 update? How can these new features and enhancements streamline your EPM processes and drive better results? We'll delve into Oracle EPM monthly updates 2024 across various EPM modules, giving you the actionable insights you need to get the most out of this release.

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This blog will provide insight into the impactful changes, along with best practices for a seamless upgrade and testing plan.

Enterprise Performance Management

Account Reconciliation
  • Account Reconciliation identifies potential conflicts between user jobs and provides execution sequencing routines to prevent simultaneous running.  
  • It adds a conflicting job to a queue and runs after the ongoing job is completed, providing details about the conflicting job.
  • The Cosmetic Changes Report displays all operational changes made after a reconciliation is submitted, not reopening it, for Transaction Matching profiles integrated with Reconciliation Compliance.
  • The data integration process has been enhanced to include additional columns for loading transactions from bank statements in the camt.053 format.
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Financial Consolidation and Close
  • The Consolidation Settings module now allows administrators to modify configurations for consolidation processes, gradually replacing substitution variables for feature behavior variations.
  • The Debug option is now available for Configurable Calculation rules in Calculation Manager, allowing for enhanced debugging capabilities for other rules, including On-Demand rules.
  • The new run Intercompany Matching Report command generates an Intercompany Matching report for accurate transaction matching between related entities and partners, aiding in analysis and auditing during consolidation.
  • Predictive Cash Forecasting is a planning application designed to assist treasurers and cash managers in performing short-term tactical or mid-term operational cash forecasting.
  • A new feature has been introduced for running data maps that transfer data between Planning and Strategic Modeling or between Strategic Modeling models.
  • Oracle Smart View for Office has released an updated Narrative Reporting extension, which includes general improvements and defect fixes.
Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management
  • The Administering and Working with Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management guide now includes a new FAQ appendix, offering resources for frequently asked questions about tasks.

The Opkey Advantage: Smooth Transitions with Every Update

Staying current with Oracle Cloud EPM updates is essential. However, it shouldn't be a disruptive burden to your team.  

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That's where Opkey's test automation platform delivers unparalleled value.  

Here's how it transforms your testing approach:

  • With over 7,000 pre-built tests, Opkey expedites setup and eliminates time-consuming scripting from the ground up.
  • Opkey's Automated Impact Analysis pinpoints areas requiring attention with each update, ensuring your tests stay aligned.
  • Opkey's no-code platform empowers more users to contribute to testing, breaking down knowledge silos and freeing your technical experts.
  • Self-healing capabilities adapt your test scripts to changes, minimizing the time spent on manual updates.
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By embracing Opkey's test automation solutions, you'll drastically cut down the time and effort associated with Oracle EPM updates April 2024.  This translates into smoother transitions, less disruption, and resources freed up to focus on strategic initiatives.

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