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Oracle EBS Test Accelerator

Oracle EBS Test Accelerator

February 22, 2018
Iffat Ara Khanam

Oracle EBS Test Accelerator-Completing your Business Operation Solution

Oracle has been a major driver of business solutions by introducing software to make the process simple and streamlined. Companies are investing hugely in automated testing process because of the complex nature of software and requirement of the risk-free testing process. This is when testing accelerators come to the role allowing users to test the quality and performance of the software. So Oracle has introduces testing accelerator that has a major role to test the performance of EBS (E-Business Suites).

The Oracle EBS testing accelerator is a complete package of modern features and automated tools making the testing process easy. This test pack is the best alternative for the limited resources, as it helps in minimizing the risk of system failure. The tester using Oracle EBS testing accelerator can witness a remarkable increase in testing productivity and also reducing the system failure.

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Oracle E-Business Suite:

The Oracle EBS (E-Business suite) product is an internet enabled product which provides a wide range of solutions for the organization. It helps the user to manage complex nature of global business, no matter the organization is small, large or medium. The product is a part of Oracle's Applications Unlimited strategy and designed to enhance the productivity of the business. The EBS consists of Oracle's enterprise resource planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

These applications come with separate license helping companies to select the combination as per the process. The suite offers the solution to business areas like:

·  Oracle CRM- This EBS application with CRM provides the single and global basis of information ensuring the selling channels are well-streamlined as per the corporate objectives.

· Oracle Financials- This area allows the user to work smart and increase efficiency in the daily routine of financial projects. Moreover, it also reduces the cost through standardized process and productivity tools.

· Oracle Logistics: This module allows the user to plan and manage the flow and storage of products within the business.

· Oracle Supply Chain Applications- This module drives the business information supply chains. With this tool, the company can predict market requirements and continue to innovate in volatile market conditions. The suite integrates and automates key areas of the supply chain providing a complete solution.

· Oracle Order Management- This module helps to streamline the entire sales order management process. It includes EDI, XML, and web storefronts.

·  Oracle Transportation Management- This module helps businesses in transportation planning and execution for third-party logistics providers. It completely integrates the entire process of planning and execution.

· Oracle Warehouse Management System- The system allows coordinated movement of goods and information with the help of extended distribution process. The module is designed to offer business processes delivering efficient utilization.

However, to make the best use of this suite, the testing accelerator process is essential to drives away the minimal issues.

Offering Multiple Solutions with single Suite:

Oracle EBS application is a huge ERP and has its footprint in global business. The company keeps on improvising the suite by adding solutions to helping customers with upgraded technology. Some of the updates in the latest version of the Oracle EBS application are:

· One-off bug fixes

· Release upgrades

· Critical Path Updates

· Technology Upgrades

Requirement of Testing Accelerator:

The main reason behind the test accelerator is to check the quality. The testing team performs the test in different ways-either by Business Analysts or Functional Expert through the automated testing process. Moreover, it increases the standard benefit of testing like improved reliability. For business, the Oracle EBS test accelerator can help in:

· Reducing risk of interruption in business due to system failure

· Additional test execution cost

· High system reliability

· Increased customer satisfaction


Not only the business, but the testing team also benefits from the use of Oracle EBS test accelerator because it reduces test execution time and increases tester productivity. Testing automation tools are a great deal to invest in because it increases the quality of the system.

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