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Oracle EBS Automation and Opkey

Oracle EBS Automation and Opkey

March 31, 2017
Iffat Ara Khanam

I recently got a call from my colleague about another successful Oracle EBS test automation project we completed with the help of Opkey. After the call, I came to the realization that Oracle EBS needs we call in India, a 'Jugaad’ or hack. Some people in the industry might refer to this as frugal innovation.

Why was my mind on frugal innovation? Because Opkey's innovation helped solve a complex problem of trying to automate all Oracle EBS testing with Selenium. Why is Selenium an issue? Let's explore into the problem.

Problem: How can you automate oracle EBS?

The Oracle e-business suite consists of a collection of ERP, CRM and SCM applications developed or acquired by Oracle. The applications run as applets within Oracle or are opened in a web browser by connecting through Oracle. An example of one of these applications is shown below:

The issue with this application is that it contains web controls that work with popular open-source test automation tools like Selenium. The app also has controls which Selenium cannot recognize, specially ones that originate in the Oracle applets. Is there a way we can use Selenium to automate web controls and applet controls for Oracle testing? In short, no. This is where Opkey comes in. This platform can allow integration of different automation tools in the same test script and help us automate this challenging test scenario.


We studied the solutions and tools across the software testing market. There were two main issues. Some solutions cost the same as a Greek villa, and others required you to be a NASA-level programmer to write the Oracle app test script. None of those options would work for our enterprise. This table shows my research on the existing solutions available for Oracle EBS automation:

Opkey's no-code test platform made perfect sense to us; it was a frugal innovation. It required little programming knowledge and did not break our testing budget. After reviewing the data with a cup of tea, we decided they were the clear solution.


Opkey's no-code test automation platform allows you to author test scenarios using generic keywords, or specific, targeted keywords. The platform has a built-in recorder that can recognize Oracle applet objects and create a test case based on the user's recorded actions. If your script requires Selenium integration, the test case can run through Selenium code by adding some additional keywords. Now you have a test script that  automates the web controls of an Oracle applet!

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