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[Customer Story]: Manual Testing Was Costing Business $550K a Year; With Opkey, Costs were Reduced by 80%.

[Customer Story]: Manual Testing Was Costing Business $550K a Year; With Opkey, Costs were Reduced by 80%.

September 30, 2021
Iffat Ara Khanam

Oracle customers often ask Opkey this question, “How do I make sure nothing goes wrong during Oracle Cloud updates?”

Their concern is valid. Customers know Oracle's new features are complex, and they want to make the most of them, but also ensure existing business processes continue to run smoothly.

Let’s look at an example of one of our Oracle Cloud customers. About a year ago, a prospective customer came to us because they were spending $550K a year on manually testing their Oracle Cloud updates. They were frustrated and unable to guarantee system stability during these updates. Looking ahead, they believed we could help them find a more cost-effective way to test their Oracle applications.

Here are the details of their testing problems:

  • The customer couldn’t ensure their business continuity after each quarterly update. While each update brought thousands of changes to their Oracle instance, their team didn’t know what they needed to test. As a result, they either tested too much, too little, or tested entirely the wrong processes.
  • There were over 2,000 manual test cases associated with each update, and it took their team over 1,000 hours to manage tests each time. Testing updates in Oracle's 2-week update window was impossible for them. They were significantly exposed to risk due to inadequate test coverage.
  • The key business users spent enormous amounts of time and effort to update test libraries after each update. This was not adding value to the company and significantly lowered team-productivity measures.
  • The customer couldn’t ensure their security roles/security policies were validated after quarterly updates, which exposed them to regulatory risk. Manually testing security roles was not cost-effective.

After failing to certify their business processes for another quarterly Oracle update, this customer used Opkey to automate their quarterly testing. In only two months, the customer saved nearly $450,000 on their testing costs–which is 80% of what they previously spent on manual testing.

Here’s how Opkey saved this customer 80% on their testing costs:

Opkey provided the customer with a fully autonomous continuous test automation platform, certifying the customer’s critical business processes after an Oracle Cloud quarterly update in just 3 days with the following features:

  • Opkey’s change impact analysis provided the customer with a complete overview of business flows & customizations affected by their Oracle Cloud quarterly update, and recommended test cases based on changes. This guided the client's test plan development by showing what was most impacted by Oracle updates so they could focus on testing their greatest risks first. This overview of functional and technical changes eliminated nearly all their needs for manual testing.
  • Opkey provided updated plugins for handling technical challenges on the weekend of the update, as opposed to weeks after, which was common for the customer when they relied on a manual testing process.
  • Opkey allowed business users to stop constantly updating impacted test libraries.
  • Opkey’s self-healing test scripts saved the customer hours of manual effort for each update cycle by correcting all impacted test cases with the click of a button.
  • Opkey’s auto-generated security role validation report gave the customer 100% confidence that their update was compliant with their strict security protocols. This report was generated in minutes, instead of days.

By automating their testing with Opkey, this customer saved nearly $450,000 on their testing costs–80% of what they were previously spending on manual testing.

Use Opkey’s autonomous continuous testing platform and certify your Oracle Cloud updates in just 3 days.
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