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Leveraging AI in Workday Testing: Ensuring Quality and Efficiency

Leveraging AI in Workday Testing: Ensuring Quality and Efficiency

June 20, 2024
Iffat Ara Khanam

AI-powered technology is permeating every area of the Cloud-based ERP industry. We’ve already seen how AI enables individuals, and enterprises to increase productivity, make better decisions quickly, and drive innovation. It's no surprise that Workday has emerged as a pioneer in utilizing AI to manage their workforce and financial processes.

This blog explores two aspects of AI and Workday:  

  1. How AI is changing Workday’s internal processes, features, and functionalities.
  1. AI-powered test automation innovations that are helping customers test Workday better. Are you looking to increase efficiency, strengthen compliance, and get a better return on your Workday AI investment? A Workday AI testing tool ensures that your business processes do not break with new enhancements and updates. Opkey is an official Workday testing partner, and built out specifically for Workday testing needs.  

Let’s dive in!  

Opkey is Named Workday Partner, Offers Unparalleled Excellence in Workday Test Automation.

How AI Is Changing Workday Itself  

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) influence is improving the Workday experience by providing intelligent solutions for end users.  

Here are different ways that Workday itself is elevating performance with Generative AI capabilities.

  • Advanced data analytics: Workday's platform now includes AI-powered data analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to obtain deeper insights into their workforce and financial data.  
  • Improving the employee experience: Workday Generative AI capabilities go beyond back-office activities and improve the overall employee experience. Employees can use Workday AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to access information, submit requests, and receive personalized recommendations.
  • Customizing training and development for the workforce: Workday users can leverage AI to develop a trained and adaptable workforce. This targeted approach ensures that employees receive the proper training at the right time, allowing them to advance and thrive within the organization.
  • Intelligent risk management: Workday uses generative AI capabilities to assist customers simplify risk management duties, minimize business process errors, and improve overall reporting and compliance accuracy.

Turning to Testing: Why Is AI Enabled Testing Now Necessary?

According to Statista, the global software testing industry is anticipated to reach $50.4 billion by 2027. This emphasizes the importance of software testing in the development and deployment of software applications.

Testing remains one of the most time-consuming and costly efforts in software development. Augmenting AI in testing processes can dramatically improve efficiency and efficacy, resulting in better outcomes. AI-powered testing can easily identify defects, and even predict future issues and vulnerabilities, and thus provide deeper insights into system performance, eventually saving time and money.

Why Do You Need Workday AI Testing?

As we've seen, Workday has implemented advanced AI features into its platform, emphasizing the need for AI-enabled testing. Workday AI automated testing assures that features are reliable, effective, and secure. By using AI in testing, Workday users can make sure that their AI-driven features deliver accurate and valuable results while also maintaining high performance and customer satisfaction.  

  • Workday's AI features, like predictive analytics and automated decision-making, are complex and require advanced AI testing to ensure their correctness and reliability.
  • Workday ERP systems handle massive volumes of HR, payroll, and financial data. AI testing solutions can efficiently handle and validate big datasets, which is critical when evaluating AI features that need considerable data processing.
  • Workday ERP is susceptible to biannual major releases and minor changes throughout the year. Artificial intelligence testing automates repetitive and time-consuming testing procedures, such as regression tests, which are required with each new update or release.
  • By automating big portions of the testing process, AI lowers the need for considerable manual testing, resulting in cost savings.

How Opkey Utilizes AI to Enhance Testing, Compliance, and Security for Workday Customers

Workday's ongoing AI advances transform various business activities. This is excellent, but it means you must test your Workday on a frequent basis to ensure everything is running properly. Let’s discuss Opkey’s AI-powered testing features that help Workday clients streamline their testing procedures.  

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  • AI-powered Impact Analysis: Opkey's AI-powered Impact Analysis feature provides smart analytics of the changes within two Workday releases. Instead of testing all the test cases customers only need to test those that are highly risky. Thus, eliminating hours of effort and struggle. Additionally, it provides detailed analytical reports to see changes across the releases that affect your Workday application.  
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  • AI-powered Self-Healing:  Workday application is prone to frequent changes. Opkey's AI-powered Self-Healing feature uses AI algorithms to detect and automatically resolve issues and changes that would otherwise require (direct) human intervention. One of the major advantages of Self-Healing is that it allows for easier refactoring and maintenance.  
  • AI-powered Test Builder:  It is now possible to generate test cases even before the code has been written or built. Opkey uses AI algorithms to analyze and identify various graphical elements such as buttons, fields, and menus. Based on these analytics, it develops test cases that mimic user interactions. Additionally, during test execution, the Opkey AI engine simulates user interactions like clicks, inputs, and selections. It then confirms that the program responds appropriately to these activities and notifies any faults or defects. Making test case generation and execution easy for users.
  • Wilfred, Opkey’s Chatbot: Wilfred helps you generate, execute, and maintain tests with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Opkey has a proprietary ERP-specific language model that means Wilfred is fast, accurate, and customized to your business needs.  
  • Test Discovery:  Opkey’s Test Discovery engine accesses an ERP software’s event and configuration logs to extract relevant data.  By using AI-analyzed ERP data, teams can confidently know which tests they are currently running, gain complete process transparency, pinpoint inefficiencies, and find the gaps in their processes.  By comparing the tests they are running with the processes, QA teams can remove uncertainty about which tests must be executed. With this knowledge, QA teams can prioritize important test cases, increase test coverage, and enhance overall testing efforts.  

As Workday keeps evolving its platform with complex AI features, the use of AI-enabled testing solutions such as Opkey becomes vital. Opkey not only streamlines and automates testing, but also ensures that its AI features are resilient, accurate, and secure. 1,200+ pre-built Workday tests also speed up testing and onboarding.  

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