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How can we schedule executions in Opkey?

November 18, 2016
Iffat Ara Khanam

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In automation testing world, sometimes it is necessary for us to execute runs at a specific time or at late nights.(for example when a hit ratio on a server or load on a machine is minimum) Scheduler utility in Opkey meets our that kind of requirements.

About Scheduler- Scheduler is a utility that enables you to automatically schedule a job on a chosen computer. It processes as many jobs as possible. 

About Job- A job is a scheduled job consists of session tasks that start at a specified time. 

About Session Task- A session task is an execution run related to the suite of test cases. A job can have any number of session tasks that execute one by one during a given period of time. 

About Scheduler ParametersIn order to schedule a job, it is necessary to specify some parameters. 

There are two types of parameters:

1. Start Parameter: It is a mandatory parameter to start a job on a specific date and time.

2. Force End Parameter: To forcefully end a job during a given period of time.

After - To specify the hours after which job will end.

On – To specify the date and time on which job will end. 


-Scheduler provides the following benefits: 

1. The scheduler enables us to run multiple suites at one time.

2. Increase the team productivity by scheduling the session tasks at late night.

3. Helpful in continuous Integration

4. Manages the time of a project in a better way. 

How can we schedule a job?

Let's see how we can achieve it using Opkey. The scheduler screen is shown below:


 Now we have to specify the Job details, its Session tasks and its Parameters as shown in below screen. 


 Our Job is scheduled as shown in below screen: 


 In the above blog, we understand the necessity of a scheduler. You can also refer http://opkey.crestechglobal.com/utility/pages.php?subid=46&accordid=5  for scheduling a job.  


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