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Coupa’s R39 Release Notes: What’s New?

Coupa’s R39 Release Notes: What’s New?

April 24, 2024
Aakanksha Dixit

The eagerly awaited release date of Coupa's R39 update, scheduled for May 2024, is almost here! Enterprise customers are wondering what new features and functionalities they’ll receive with this major update. Opkey’s in-depth R39 Advisory Document provides you with these answers, as well as practical testing advice. Scroll down for a walk-through of how the update works and how test automation can enable your easiest release yet.

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Why there’s a need of preparation for Coupa Release R39  

Coupa rolls out three major releases per year. These are mandatory for all customers. It is recommended that each update is thoroughly tested to ensure that it does not negatively impact existing business operations.

Coupa R39 May 2024 Release: Module-wise Updates

  • The introduction of one-time passwords (OTPs) for suppliers collaborating via Supplier Actionable Notifications significantly enhances security for both customers and suppliers. This is a crucial update in today's cybersecurity landscape.
  • The new feature that sends notifications upon Advance Ship Notice (ASN) creation provides much-needed visibility and will improve communication. This update will likely save users significant time and frustration.
  • The account billing UI has been improved to make it easier for users to browse AI-suggested accounts, enhancing their personalized experience.
Travel and Expense
  • Coupa has introduced a new receipt organization for ridesharing and Coupa Travel, enhancing user experience by preventing duplicate expense reports, incorrect assignment, and excessive reports for Uber/Lyft transactions and Coupa Travel bookings.  
  • Coupa automatically assigns expense reports to employees based on corporate card data, with unmapped transactions listed in the Unassigned Reports data table, which can be reassigned with the Admin or CorpCardAdmin system role.
  • Customers hosted on AWS can now use the same Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process for approving Treasury payments, streamlining the process and enhancing security and efficiency across Treasury and Core.
Supply Chain
  • Uploading a.mdf file with the.mdf extension allows you to change the asset type, default being "Database" or "Model" if the file is a Supply Chain model.
Contract Management  
  • Customers with CLM and RPA entitlements can view and link risk assessments for a supplier from the contract record, but granular risk criteria like child labor or data privacy are not available in contract workflows.

Opkey for Coupa Testing: Coupa R39 Release

Opkey is the industry's leading Coupa test automation tool and an official Coupa partner. Coupa customers across industries are saving time, money, and effort on each release with features like No-Code test creation, self-healing scripts, and seamless reporting.  

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The best part? Opkey's No-Code test automation platform allows both business and IT users to create tests with a visual, drag-and-drop interface. No coding experience is necessary. This breaks down bottlenecks and limitations between teams, allowing you to save time and money on labor costs while speeding up testing overall.  

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